April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Connection to US Cities Revealed

TULUM, Mexico – In a significant development for the region, Governor Mara Lezama has officially confirmed that the construction of the Tulum International Airport, located in the heart of Quintana Roo, is set to provide vital connectivity both domestically and internationally. The airport is expected to open its doors on December 1st, and it is progressing at a promising pace to ensure a timely and successful launch.

On the domestic front, the Tulum International Airport will connect this tropical paradise with major cities across Mexico, including Tijuana, Aguascalientes, Guadalajara, and the bustling capital, Mexico City. This domestic connectivity is poised to facilitate easier travel and boost the local economy.

Furthermore, on the international stage, the airport will serve as a gateway to some of the most iconic cities in the United States. Travelers will soon be able to fly directly from Tulum to cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and Toronto. This international connectivity is expected to strengthen the ties between Tulum and North America, making it a more accessible destination for tourists and businesses alike.

Tulum's Connection to US Cities Revealed

Governor Mara Lezama shared this exciting news through an official statement, stating, “The ‘Felipe Carrillo Puerto’ airport will be inaugurated on December 1st and is making remarkable progress to meet its deadline. We aim to commence operations with routes connecting this Caribbean paradise to spectacular corners of North America and Mexico, including San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Tijuana, Aguascalientes, and Guadalajara.”

In a recent tour of Quintana Roo, Governor Mara Lezama joined President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in inspecting the ongoing construction of the airport, along with the monumental Tren Maya project. During the visit, she emphasized that these projects collectively are generating over 100,000 jobs in the southeastern region of Mexico, demonstrating the transformative impact of these infrastructure investments.

Tulum's Connection to US Cities Revealed

“The transformation is palpable as we play pivotal roles in the southeast, with the largest investment in public infrastructure in history and the number of jobs created for these iconic constructions,” she shared on her social media platforms.

According to federal and state authorities, the new Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport is designed to accommodate up to 5.5 million passengers, marking a substantial expansion of the region’s aviation capabilities.

Diego Castañón, the municipal president, expressed his enthusiasm about this project, stating, “This connectivity will open doors to new opportunities for our community, promoting tourism and trade while strengthening our local economy. The successful realization of this project is a testament to the close collaboration between state and federal authorities.”

Tulum's Connection to US Cities Revealed

The Tulum International Airport is poised to become a pivotal hub for the region, connecting Tulum with a myriad of domestic and international destinations. Its inauguration on December 1st is eagerly awaited, as it ushers in a new era of convenience and accessibility for travelers and businesses alike. With its extensive capacity and strategic location, this airport promises to be a catalyst for economic growth and development in Tulum and the surrounding areas, cementing its status as a thriving gateway to the world.


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