April 6, 2024
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Tulum Leads in Women’s Travel Safety With Greether

TULUM, México – In the heart of Quintana Roo, the picturesque town of Tulum is making significant strides in enhancing the safety and empowerment of women travelers. Spearheaded by Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo, the municipal government has recently forged a promising alliance with Greether, an innovative travel startup with a mission to empower women globally.

This partnership reflects a shared commitment to reducing risks for female explorers and fostering sustainable tourism in Tulum. Greether, known for its digital platform that caters to the safety needs of women worldwide, operates in over 100 countries and 900 cities. It provides resources and support, making it an essential tool for women who dare to explore the world independently.

Tulum Leads in Women's Travel Safety With Greether

The initiative aims to safeguard travelers and involve local women in the platform, offering them an opportunity for additional income. This symbiotic relationship bolsters the local economy while ensuring safer travel experiences for women.

Tulum’s General Directorate of Tourism and Economy is set to present this strategy at the International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid, within the FITUR Woman Forum. This forum is a segment of FITUR, led by Women Leading Tourism (WLT), an international association of successful women professionals in the tourism sector. The presentation in such a prestigious international setting underscores Tulum’s commitment to gender equality and safe tourism.

Tulum Leads in Women's Travel Safety With Greether

This collaboration aligns with Tulum’s vision of sustainable tourism. Addressing safety concerns makes the town more attractive to a broader spectrum of travelers, particularly solo female tourists. The campaign, aimed at both residents in Tulum and international markets, is a pivotal step in promoting Tulum as a safe, welcoming destination for women.

Moreover, the partnership with Greether could set a precedent for other destinations seeking to enhance women’s safety and participation in tourism. It embodies a progressive approach to travel, intertwining the empowerment of local communities with global outreach.

Tulum Leads in Women's Travel Safety With Greether

As Tulum and Greether embark on this journey, the impact of their alliance will likely resonate beyond the borders of Quintana Roo, potentially inspiring similar initiatives worldwide. This is more than a local endeavor; it is a step towards a global change in prioritizing women’s safety in the travel industry.


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