April 6, 2024
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New Horizons for Tulum in Spain

TULUM, Mexico – As the International Tourism Trade Fair (Fitur) approaches, set to take place from January 24 to 28 in Madrid, Spain, Tulum is gearing up to showcase its unique blend of competitive and inclusive offerings. This effort, according to Jorge Molina Pérez, Director General of Tourism and Economy, is a strategic move to bolster the global development of Quintana Roo and the Mexican Caribbean.

Supported by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Governor Mara Lezama Espinoza, the municipal administration led by Diego Castañon Trejo is successfully implementing Mexico’s new tourism policy. This initiative aims to ensure the industry’s benefits reach the local population, fostering responsible tourism essential for transforming a destination enriched with significant infrastructure projects. These include the new Tulum airport, the Maya Train, and the Jaguar Park, all tangible realities contributing to the area’s growth.

The 44th edition of Fitur anticipates the attendance of global leaders, offering a platform to showcase their attractions, engage in public and private sector meetings, and forge promotional alliances. Tulum is set to make a splash with its “Visit Tulum” campaign, inviting visitors to rediscover the destination’s full territorial and regional scope.

Molina Pérez highlighted Tulum’s participation in Fitur Women, promoting gender equality and female empowerment in tourism. The event will showcase the work of Tulum’s female Mayan artisans under the “Made in Tulum” brand, underscoring the importance of rebuilding a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive economy.

New Horizons for Tulum in Spain

Additionally, Tulum will engage in Fitur LGBT+, a sector known for its high purchasing power and role in de-seasonalizing tourism. This participation underlines Tulum’s commitment to diversity and explores new promotional avenues.

“The agenda is comprehensive,” Molina Pérez remarked. “Governor Mata Lezama is making a strong push for a solid international presence, with Quintana Roo likely being Mexico’s largest delegation. Tulum is at the forefront, participating in significant events focused on technology, women’s rights, and the LGBT+ segment.”

This robust participation by Tulum at Fitur signifies its dedication to evolving as a destination that not only offers diverse attractions but also embraces technology, equality, and inclusivity as

cornerstones of its growth. Tulum’s representation at such a prestigious international event as Fitur is more than just a chance to boost tourism; it’s a statement of its evolving identity in the global tourism landscape.

The engagement in various sectors of Fitur, from technological innovations to gender equality and LGBT+ inclusivity, reflects a Tulum that is diverse, progressive, and forward-thinking. Participation in events like the “IA for Tourism Awards 2024” and Fitur Women places Tulum at the cutting edge of tourism trends, showing a commitment to integrating modern technology and social values into its tourism offerings.

New Horizons for Tulum in Spain

Moreover, the development of significant infrastructure projects like the new Tulum airport and the Maya Train demonstrates a commitment to enhancing accessibility and connectivity. These projects are not just about facilitating travel; they are symbols of Tulum’s ambition to be a leading destination in the Mexican Caribbean and beyond.

As Tulum prepares to make its mark at Fitur, it stands as a beacon of innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable growth in the tourism industry. With the support of national and local leaders, Tulum is poised to showcase its unique character and potential on an international stage, inviting the world to explore its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and visionary approach to tourism.


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