April 12, 2024
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Lufthansa Launches First European Flights to Tulum

TULUM, Mexico – Lufthansa, the prominent European airline, is set to inaugurate its operations at the Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport in Tulum this December, significantly expanding its services into the Latin American market. This move will position Lufthansa as the first European airline to operate out of the newly established terminal, signaling a significant commitment to the region.

Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa, highlighted Mexico’s strategic importance, particularly in the wake of increased nearshoring activities. “Mexico holds a promising future, and with the rise of nearshoring, our focus on Latin America is intensifying. We are eager to enhance cooperation between Mexico and Munich, aiming for daily connections similar to our Frankfurt route, which currently operates three times a week,” Spohr explained.

Lufthansa Launches First European Flights to Tulum

The airline plans to introduce two flights to Tulum and increase frequencies to Cancun, underscoring its investment in connecting cultures and economies. The expansion includes passenger operations and cargo services, with new operations set to begin in Monterrey next month, complementing existing cargo movements to Mexico City and Guadalajara.

The introduction of flights to Tulum is anticipated to transport approximately 100 passengers daily. This development is part of Lufthansa’s broader strategy to address the high global demand for travel post-pandemic. Despite aircraft shortages and parts scarcity, Lufthansa is aggressively expanding its fleet, ordering 280 new aircraft. “Every two weeks, a new aircraft joins the Lufthansa family. We are also revamping our onboard product across all classes,” Spohr noted.

In addition to its passenger and cargo plans, Lufthansa is exploring the acquisition of the Italian airline ITA to strengthen its European market presence. “Lufthansa already comprises 12 airlines, and with ITA, we aim to become even more embedded in the European sector,” Spohr stated.

Lufthansa Launches First European Flights to Tulum

Financially, Lufthansa is navigating through an era of significant investment, with annual spending projected between three to four billion euros. This is part of a strategic shift to focus on premium services, a cornerstone of Lufthansa’s market approach.

Moreover, sustainability is a crucial focus for the airline. The upcoming fleet renewal program includes replacing older aircraft, which is expected to reduce the airline’s carbon footprint. “With the arrival of new planes, we are also retiring older models, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability,” Spohr added.

Despite these ambitious plans, Spohr made it clear that Lufthansa does not currently plan to operate passenger flights to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), citing lack of connectivity with downtown Mexico City as a major impediment, as voiced by passengers. “Cargo doesn’t complain, but passengers do,” Spohr remarked, emphasizing the need for infrastructure that meets passenger expectations.


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