April 6, 2024
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FITUR 2024 Unveils Tulum’s Revolutionary Tourism Strategy

TULUM, Mexico – In a strategic move endorsed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Governor Mara Lezama Espinoza, the municipal administration under Diego Castañón Trejo is successfully implementing Mexico’s new tourism policy. This initiative aims to ensure that the benefits of the industry reach the local population, fostering a more responsible form of tourism crucial for the transformation of a destination currently experiencing significant infrastructure projects, namely the new Tulum Airport, the Maya Train, and the Jaguar Park.

As Tulum gears up for the 44th edition of FITUR, organized by IFEMA MADRID and set to take place from January 24 to 28, the city is poised to showcase its attractions to global leaders. The event provides a platform for leaders to exhibit their offerings, engage with public and private stakeholders, and forge promotional alliances.

In an ambitious move, Tulum is seizing the opportunity at FITUR 2024 to attract both national and international tourists through its “Visit Tulum” campaign, inviting visitors to rediscover the destination in all its territorial splendor.

As a strategic complement to business meetings, the Tulum City Council, led by Castañon Trejo, will reinforce its leadership by participating in the inaugural edition of the “The IA for Tourism Awards 2024.” This competition, held within the framework of FITUR KNOW HOW & EXPORT, acknowledges the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence in travel management and the tourism sector. Tulum will showcase its web app, www.visittulum.travel, demonstrating innovative solutions developed with AI for tourism.

Furthermore, Tulum will be actively involved in FITUR WOMEN, advocating for gender equality and female empowerment in the tourism sector. The city will highlight the work of Tulum’s women artisans from the Maya region under the brand “Hecho en Tulum,” playing a vital role in building a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive economy.

In a complementary effort, Tulum will focus on the destination’s diversity by participating in FITUR LGBT+, a sector known for its destigmatizing influence, non-seasonal nature, and high purchasing power. The city aims to explore new avenues of promotion within this influential demographic.

This multifaceted approach underscores Tulum’s commitment to responsible tourism, technological innovation, gender equality, and inclusivity, positioning the city as a pioneer in shaping the future of the tourism industry.


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