April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Generosity Ignites Hope for Firefighters

TULUM, Mexico – Tulum prepares to host a night of generosity and unity with the upcoming Great Firefighters’ Gala Dinner 2023, a key event aimed at raising one and a half million pesos to purchase a vital firetruck. The details for this much-anticipated evening were revealed in a press conference led by Claudia Muñoz, the event organizer and Executive Secretary of the Rotary Club Tulum.

Scheduled for December 1st at 6 p.m., the event promises a memorable night at the Hilton Conrad Hotel, offering a lavish buffet dinner, an open bar, and an array of entertainment, including a night of dancing, a casino, and auctions. All proceeds will be channeled towards the crucial objective of procuring a firetruck for the Tulum Fire Department.

“Over a year’s discussion regarding the needs of the Tulum Fire Department led us to the decision to aim for the acquisition of a firetruck. They say that those who do not pursue a dream never achieve it, and this is a dire necessity for our firefighters. The current equipment is insufficient, and we urgently require another unit in the Riviera Maya, not just to combat fires but also to handle accidents,” stated Claudia Muñoz.

Tulum's Generosity Ignites Hope for Firefighters

Expressing gratitude to the collaborative efforts of numerous civil associations under the banner of ‘United for Tulum,’ including the Rotary Club, the College of Engineers and Architects, local artisans, the Chamber of Commerce, and various other organizations, she also acknowledged the support from the Tulum City Council led by Diego Castañón Trejo and private enterprises.

Muñoz highlighted that tickets priced at two thousand pesos per person will be available at the respective offices of the participating organizations. Additionally, interested individuals can acquire tickets by contacting 984 209 0322.

Furthermore, she detailed the intended location for the emergency response unit, slated to be stationed along the federal highway Tulum-Playa del Carmen, close to the Bahía Príncipe Hotel. The vision extends to even constructing a substation in this area, solidifying the region’s stronger emergency response system.

Tulum's Generosity Ignites Hope for Firefighters

The Great Firefighters’ Gala Dinner 2023 stands as a beacon of communal support, uniting various sectors of the community to bolster the safety and emergency response capabilities of Tulum, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts and generosity in ensuring the well-being of the region.


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