April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Jaguar Park Scandal: Forged Titles and Federal Intervention

TULUM, Mexico – The federal government is set to untangle the intricate web surrounding Tulum’s Jaguar Park project. Recent revelations have shed light on a series of inconsistencies in the northern reaches of the municipal headquarters, where a group of Yucatecan developers has laid claim to an extensive tract of land, all under the guise of legitimate ownership.

Despite these entrepreneurs producing what they claim to be valid property titles, it has now come to light that these titles are nothing but forgeries, according to the Quintana Roo government.

The problem first reared its head during the transition of power from Joaquín Hendricks Díaz to Félix González Canto’s administration. It was during this period that numerous irregularities emerged in the acquisition of properties through counterfeit property titles.

The administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, via the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), is well aware of these transactions carried out by the then-state representatives who took advantage of the power shift in the region to favor dozens of associates with the issuance of fraudulent property titles.

Tulum's Jaguar Park Scandal: Forged Titles and Federal Intervention

Now, nearly two decades later, the federal government, again through Sedatu, is embarking on an environmental project in this area known as the Jaguar Park and is determined to resolve the matter.

The department has requested information regarding a development called “Kaybé” by the Emérita Group, spanning 20 hectares. This project has been touted in real estate markets as “the only development in Mexico seamlessly integrated with the Mayan jungle, boasting exclusive sensory park amenities.” It is owned by brothers Manuel and Carlos Palma Rodríguez.

According to the municipal government, this project fails to comply with the Urban Development Plan (UDP) regulations, including the required donation areas. Furthermore, it stands accused of causing substantial damage to the Jaguar Park area.

In the eyes of Sedatu authorities, the Palma brothers have committed fraud by selling land within a reserve that the Federal Government has earmarked for the benefit of all Mexicans.

Secretary Román Meyer Falcón possesses comprehensive information regarding this property and the dubious means through which these titles were obtained. This knowledge will guide lawful proceedings to address potential real estate fraud and counterfeit documentation.


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