April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Tourism Titans Take a Stand Against National Guard Restrictions

TULUM, Mexico – Amidst the breathtaking shores of Tulum’s National Park, a coalition of enterprising individuals is grappling with formidable obstacles that have driven them to take an extraordinary step: seeking the intervention of Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The cause? The National Guard appears adamant about curtailing their unhindered access to this stretch of coastline.

Jose Alfredo Catzín, at the helm of the “Dorados de Playa Maya” tourism cooperative, has raised concerns that since the commencement of renovation works within the park, National Guard personnel have been actively hindering the passage of tourism vendors and, at times, attempting to levy an entry fee.

Catzín asserts that such conduct by the National Guard runs afoul of the law, as there exists an extant agreement that guarantees local tourism vendors the right to operate without restrictions.

With impassioned resolve, Catzín declares, “We are assessing strategies to effectively convey that this situation is unjust and that we need to be heard. Many of us have dedicated years of effort to this locale, and they won’t even allow us to work, let alone charge locals.”

Tulum's Tourism Titans Take a Stand Against National Guard Restrictions

Catzín believes that President López Obrador may not be aware of this predicament, suggesting that this “persistent blockade” may stem from the individuals overseeing the park’s renovations.

In his own words, “We believe the individuals responsible for the works are not providing adequate information to the presidency about what is transpiring. We are willing to progress alongside the renovations, but it is crucial that the works are conducted legally and without harming us. We want our voices to be heard.”

Ultimately, Jose Alfredo Catzín announced that they will soon seek direct communication with the President of the Republic to shed light on the challenging situation they have been grappling with along this coastline over the past year.


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