April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Coba Sur Avenue Gets a Facelift Courtesy of Mayor’s Vision

TULUM, Mexico – In a resounding commitment to the development and enhancement of Tulum’s infrastructure, Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo marked the commencement of the second phase of the revitalization of Coba Sur Avenue. This ambitious project, fueled by the municipality’s own resources, is set to benefit a thriving community of 33,374 residents.

Before the groundbreaking ceremony, Mayor Castañón emphasized his administration’s unwavering dedication to fiscal responsibility and the advancement of social infrastructure. With the launch of the second phase of Coba Sur Avenue, the thoroughfare is poised for a transformation that will not only enhance the aesthetics of the town but also elevate the experience for both local families and the countless tourists who flock to the enchanting shores of the Mayan Riviera.

Mayor Castañón stated, “This project holds immense significance as it serves as the lifeblood of our municipality, contributing to the overall urban appeal. We are committed to nurturing such endeavors that yield tangible results.”

Tulum's Coba Sur Avenue Gets a Facelift Courtesy of Mayor's Vision

Offering a glimpse into the comprehensive scope of the project, Santos Hipólito Tuz Chi, the Director of Public Works Oversight, disclosed that a substantial investment of 12,173,560.39 pesos from the municipal coffers has been allocated for the initiative. This funding will be meticulously divided into five crucial components:

1. Pavement Upgradation: A fundamental aspect of the project is the renovation of the road surface itself. The modernization will ensure smoother and safer journeys for all.

2. Central Median: The inclusion of a landscaped central median will not only enhance the road’s aesthetics but also contribute to improved traffic management.

3. Cycle Path and Greenery: A dedicated cycle path and lush garden beds will promote sustainable transportation and offer an inviting atmosphere for leisurely strolls.

4. Walkway: Pedestrian accessibility will be elevated through the construction of a dedicated walkway, enhancing safety and convenience.

5. Crossings and Public Lighting: The project will also encompass the installation of pedestrian crossings and upgraded public lighting, augmenting overall safety.

Tulum's Coba Sur Avenue Gets a Facelift Courtesy of Mayor's Vision

This bold initiative signals Tulum’s commitment to not just maintaining but improving its urban landscape, further establishing itself as a premier destination in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. The transformation of Coba Sur Avenue reflects the municipality’s dedication to sustainable growth and the welfare of its residents and visitors alike.

As the project progresses, residents and tourists can look forward to experiencing a rejuvenated and vibrant Coba Sur Avenue, aligning perfectly with the allure and mystique of the surrounding paradise.


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