Businessmen continue to join initiative to transform Tulum's infrastructure

April 22, 2024
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Businessmen continue to join initiative to transform Tulum's infrastructure

Businessmen continue to join initiative to transform Tulum’s infrastructure

More Tulum businessmen have joined the initiative of municipal president Marciano Dzul Caamal to transform Tulum’s urban infrastructure, both with works budgeted by the City Hall and with projects in which the private sector participates.

In an intense day of works delivery, Dzul Caamal delivered this afternoon the paving of more than two kilometers in the Cristal neighborhood, a project that counted with the donations of businessmen Miguel Valencia Castillo and Edward Arjona Torres, as well as UNTRAC dump truck drivers.

“This initiative is a sum of wills”, expressed the mayor, who informed that the City Hall is building infrastructure with its own, state and federal resources, but there are also projects underway that have the support in kind of Tulumán companies.

“The invitation is also open to all businessmen. The joke is to contribute a grain of sand. If they can’t contribute material, they can contribute machinery. If they cannot support with machinery, they can help with the topography,” added the mayor.

Businessmen continue to join initiative to transform Tulum's infrastructure

In his turn, businessman Valencia Castillo recognized the initiative launched by Dzul Caamal, which he has joined out of love for Tulum.

“We have joined an initiative to improve the infrastructure of different neighborhoods. We were in charge of the Cristal neighborhood. I am a businessman with many years in the Tulum area and I am very committed because we love our municipality very much,” he said.

This work in the Cristal neighborhood is in addition to others that Dzul Caamal has been delivering in recent days, such as the paving of streets in Coba and Akumal and the renovation of the bleachers of the sports field in Chemuyil. In all of these, the private initiative made different contributions.

“By joining wills we can make a real change and transformation in Tulum. This year we are going to put a lot more effort into it. A few moments ago, other businessmen communicated with me to join us”, said the mayor, who assured that with the collaboration of the companies, the multiple needs of the population due to years of neglect can be covered.


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