April 6, 2024
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Tulum Shines at Fitur LGBT

TULUM, México – As a world-renowned destination, Tulum has long captured the hearts of many, especially within the LGBT community. This year, the city is vibrant at Fitur LGBT+ 2024, the International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid. Under the banner of “Connecting with Diversity,” this event emphasizes inclusivity and diversity, aligning perfectly with Tulum’s ethos.

Lauded for its commitment to sustainable tourism, this Mexican gem returns to FITUR to solidify its reputation as a gay-friendly destination. Tulum offers authentic and safe experiences for all travelers, nestled within a relaxed eco-luxury paradise. “Tulum has drawn the LGBT community’s attention as a discreet destination for environmentally conscious travelers. Our dedication to relaxed eco-luxury, and responsible luxury, has made us a benchmark in tourism. We offer sporting, scenic experiences and options for relaxation and healthy eating,” highlights the destination’s General Directorate of Tourism and Economy.

In a recent statement, it was noted that Tulum’s participation in Fitur LGBT+ 2024 aims to foster dialogue among specialists in promoting this sector, consolidating its position as a destination that transcends conventional hospitality. Hotels, restaurants, shops, and recreational activities in Tulum adhere to sustainable standards, offering options for memorable events.

Tulum Shines at Fitur LGBT

The General Directorate of Tourism and Economy of Tulum expressed gratitude towards JN Global Project’s directors for their collaboration in organizing FITUR LGBT+ and considering Tulum’s tourist offerings for their international projects.

Continuing its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, Tulum positions itself as a relaxed eco-luxury destination. It offers not only scenic and cultural attractions but also commits to responsible tourism practices that respect and preserve its natural environment.

Fitur LGBT+ 2024 provides a unique platform for Tulum to promote its dedication to diversity and sustainability, showcasing to the world that this Mexican paradise is more than just a tourist destination; it’s a unique experience for everyone.


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