April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Beaches Take Center Stage on the Global Map

TULUM, Mexico – Nestled along the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum boasts a well-deserved global reputation, owing much of its fame to its pristine beaches that have earned accolades and international recognition time and again. As the world recently celebrated World Beach Day, this coastal paradise assumed a pivotal role in commemorating and raising awareness about the imperative need to preserve these natural wonders, according to local tourism advocates and environmentalists.

Mario Cruz Rodríguez, the President of Tulum’s Tourism Promotion Council, passionately expressed that Tulum holds a cherished place as a sun-kissed beach destination and has consistently reaffirmed its distinction of having the most beautiful beaches not only in Mexico but across Central America. He credited this achievement to the dedicated efforts invested in the betterment of the destination and, of course, the prestigious World Travel Awards, often referred to as the “Oscars of tourism.” Throughout its history, Tulum has proudly clinched seven of these awards, further validating its status as home to the finest beaches in Mexico and Central America.

In light of these achievements, Cruz Rodríguez emphasized the glaring evidence of Tulum’s leadership in the beachfront tourism sector. The beaches of Tulum are now internationally certified as the best in the region, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe.

Tulum's Beaches Take Center Stage on the Global Map

“Tulum is Mexico’s paradise, a world-class destination renowned for its sun-soaked shores, but it’s equally imperative that we prioritize environmental conservation. Preserving the local flora and fauna is of paramount importance. We must wholeheartedly protect this haven of well-being, for it’s precisely this harmony with nature that has propelled Tulum to global fame as a wellness tourism hotspot and an oasis where nature and humans coexist. Therefore, let us make an earnest appeal to safeguard this magnificent Mexican paradise, ensuring it remains a shining international gem of our nation,” he passionately urged.

Renowned marine biologist Rocío Peralta Galicia elucidated the significance of the annual celebration, which falls on the third Saturday of each year, linking it to the international coastal cleanup initiative. Among the myriad reasons for commemorating this day, Peralta Galicia highlighted the mission to raise awareness about pollution, the loss of coastal dunes, the adverse effects of construction activities, and the dwindling biodiversity. She underscored the pressing issue of beach pollution due to the litter left behind by beachgoers and the unfortunate nesting of marine turtles in such areas.

As an ardent activist and protector of sea turtles, she revealed the troubling observations made during the hatching season. These sandy shores become a bustling highway for a wide array of bird species, some of which are rescued while others succumb to the perils of consuming waste, primarily plastics like discarded cords.

“While numerous recommendations can be made, even just practicing one can yield significant results. Simple actions like carrying out one’s trash, refraining from using the beach as a restroom, avoiding contact with and interference with wildlife, not feeding them – are all common-sense practices that should be followed. Such irresponsible behavior not only harms wildlife but disrupts the delicate balance of our ecosystem,” she cautioned.

Tulum's Beaches Take Center Stage on the Global Map

Peralta Galicia also shed light on the growing predicament of pet owners bringing their dogs to the beach. Aside from exposing these animals to the scorching sun, their presence poses a significant threat to biodiversity. They dig up nests, harm birds, and display curiosity that can have detrimental consequences. Furthermore, their waste poses health hazards for beachgoers.

“In Tulum, the responsibility lies with each one of us. Let’s combine our efforts and report any damages to 911,” stressed Peralta Galicia, who also serves as the Head of the Department of Natural Resources at Tulum’s Department of Environmental Sustainability (DSA).


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