April 6, 2024
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Beyond the Beach: Tulum’s Airport – What’s Next?

TULUM, Mexico – Mexico’s President has announced that Tulum’s new airport is set to be inaugurated in December of this year. This project is expected to bring about a substantial increase in hotel infrastructure in the southern part of Quintana Roo.

The news was shared by Toni Chaves, the president of the Riviera Maya Hotel Association (AHRM). Currently, there is a total of 130,104 hotel rooms available in the state, with 10,981 of them located in Tulum, 1,373 in Bacalar, 2,220 in Othón P. Blanco, and 186 in Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

According to AHRM President Toni Chaves, the Tulum International Airport will serve as a crucial point of connection for Quintana Roo. Additionally, if it connects with the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), it will act as an entry filter for Quintana Roo’s tourist destinations. However, the expected increase in hotel capacity won’t happen in the short term; it’s more of a medium-term prospect.

“We must take into consideration that, in terms of the hotel industry, destinations like Mahahual, Bacalar, and Chetumal in the southern part of the state are vital. However, a large percentage of these hotels are small and sometimes lack the capacity to accommodate daily flights to fill their rooms. There is a need for more hotel rooms to accommodate the incoming flights,” President Toni Chaves remarked.

The Tulum Airport, to be named Felipe Carrillo Puerto, is slated to be completed in December, with an investment of just over 3.2 billion pesos. It is estimated that the airport will serve 5.5 million passengers and handle up to 32,000 annual operations. This infrastructure development holds great promise for Tulum and the entire Quintana Roo region, as it is poised to enhance connectivity and tourism opportunities in the area.


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