April 6, 2024
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Azulik Hotel Faces Employee Allegations in Tulum’s Upscale District

TULUM, Mexico – Troubles continue to mount for the luxurious Azulik Hotel in Tulum, as a series of allegations surrounding employee mistreatment and irregularities cast a shadow over its reputation. Situated in the most sought-after area of this tourist haven, the hotel has come under scrutiny for its failure to pay employees promptly, refusal to provide legally mandated severance packages, neglect to recognize seniority, and withholding of essential benefits, as reported by Quinta Fuerza, a local news outlet.

One aggrieved employee shared, “They didn’t issue pay stubs, and all payments were made through transfers to evade taxes. They employ various corporate entities and payroll providers to avoid giving us receipts and prevent us from accruing seniority.” It was revealed that over 70 employees have been left in limbo with their severance packages, offered sums far below what they are legally entitled to.

Workers further disclosed that the hotel’s legal representative, José Eduardo Silva, summoned them, attempting to intimidate and pressure them into accepting minimal settlements in exchange for signing non-disclosure agreements. He even resorted to threats of blacklisting them from future employment in the hospitality industry. “If someone was owed 15,000 pesos in severance, they were offered a mere 6,000 pesos,” one employee lamented.

Azulik Hotel Faces Employee Allegations in Tulum's Upscale District

Employees pointed out that the Azulik Hotel, operating through multiple payroll companies, frequently registers and deregisters them with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). This practice has led to complications, with one employee discovering she was not covered by social insurance when she had an accident. “They are left without protection; those who dare to speak up are terminated immediately,” they asserted.

While collective action remains challenging due to legal constraints, at least 20 individuals have initiated legal proceedings against the Azulik Hotel. “The working conditions are deplorable. They don’t even pay their suppliers; it’s easier for them to hire new ones,” Quinta Fuerza reported.

The allegations against Azulik Hotel have raised concerns within the local community and the wider hospitality industry in Tulum. As investigations continue, it remains to be seen how these accusations will affect the hotel’s standing and whether justice will be served for the aggrieved employees.


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