April 6, 2024
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Mystika’s Last Tulum Sunrise

TULUM, Mexico – As the sun sets on the Riviera Maya’s horizon, Mystika, the immersive and spiritual experience curated by visual artist Pepe Soho, bids farewell to Tulum, Quintana Roo. Over the past three years, Mystika has become a beacon of personal transformation and sensory awakening, nestled within the archaeological zone of Tulum. The exhibition, comprising seven immersive journeys and a gallery of 45 large-format photographs, showcases the breathtaking natural landscapes of Mexico, guiding visitors on a path of personal rediscovery.

Mystika’s unique blend of technology, art, and nature has captivated a domestic and international audience and positioned itself as a pioneering experience on both national and global stages. The installations, spread across seven rooms, each narrates a chapter of connection with the self and the environment through sensory stimulation and visual splendor. From the cosmic journey within the “Maya” dome that pays homage to ancient Mayan cosmology to the “Sanctuary” that captures the grandeur of Mexico’s natural sanctuaries, Mystika offers a voyage unlike any other.

Mystika's Last Tulum Sunrise

The departure of Mystika from Tulum marks the end of an era for the Riviera Maya but also heralds a new chapter as Mexico City is set to become the next host for this unparalleled experience. The transition to the capital promises to bring the essence of Mystika closer to more people, inviting them to reconnect with their origins in a metropolis that pulsates with cultural and artistic life.

Pepe Soho’s vision for Mystika extends beyond mere visual art; it is a homage to the cultural heritage of Mexico, as evidenced by the international acclaim received during the Expo Dubai 2020. The exhibition was not only a crowd-puller, attracting thousands daily, but also clinched first place for Mexico in the interior design category at the prestigious event, celebrating how Soho’s work encapsulates the nation’s cultural patrimony.

Mystika's Last Tulum Sunrise

As Mystika prepares to illuminate Mexico City with its immersive brilliance, Tulum bids farewell to a masterpiece that has significantly impacted its cultural landscape. The installation’s departure is a moment of reflection on the transformative power of art and nature, themes that resonate deeply with the ethos of Tulum.

For those wishing to experience Mystika’s magic in Tulum before it concludes, a special Valentine’s Day promotion offers a final opportunity to embark on this sensory journey. The legacy of Mystika in Tulum will undoubtedly continue to inspire, as the installation moves to continue its journey of enlightenment and transformation in Mexico City.

Mystika's Last Tulum Sunrise

As Mystika transitions from the natural embrace of Tulum to the bustling energy of Mexico City, it leaves behind a legacy of inspiration, hope, and a renewed sense of connection with the self and the natural world. This move not only signifies a new beginning for Mystika but also reinforces the universal quest for personal growth and enlightenment.


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