April 6, 2024
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Jonas Blue & Sam Feldt’s Winning Streak

TULUM, Mexico – As the world steadily cruises into 2024, the music landscape witnessed the rise of a new anthem that promises to redefine the essence of summer. The prolific producers Jonas Blue and Sam Feldt, joining forces under the banner of Endless Summer, have unveiled their latest single, “Rest Of My Life.” Officially released on January 19, this track is not just a song but a vibrant celebration of life, encapsulating the joy and boundless spirit of the sunniest season.

“Rest Of My Life” symbolizes musical innovation, featuring a harmonious blend of talent and creativity. The track is co-written by the esteemed Becky Hill and Dan Smith of Bastille, incorporating a mesmerizing sample from the trance classic “Cafe Del Mar” by Energy 52. This strategic fusion of sounds has resulted in a dance anthem that resonates with listeners worldwide and is a worthy successor to their 2023 hit, “Crying On The Dancefloor,” which impressively amassed over 100 million streams.

Jonas Blue & Sam Feldt's Winning Streak
Jonas Blue

The duo’s project, Endless Summer, is a testament to their shared vision of crafting music that transcends seasonal limitations, offering listeners a slice of summer regardless of the time of year. This mission is further exemplified by the success of “Rest Of My Life,” which signals the start of what promises to be a groundbreaking year for both artists, with Jonas Blue gearing up for a solo tour in Japan this April.

Jonas Blue’s remarkable career is highlighted by his staggering achievement of over 130 platinum certifications worldwide, a testament to his global appeal and the universal language of his music. His discography, featuring chart-topping hits like “Fast Car,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Mama,” and the Liam Payne collaboration “Polaroid,” showcases his versatile talent and ability to connect with audiences on a profound level. Furthermore, his role in producing Ava Max‘s global hit “My Head & My Heart” underscores his influence in the music industry. With more than 20 billion streams and 92 million single sales to his name, Jonas Blue’s contributions to music are both substantial and enduring.

Jonas Blue & Sam Feldt's Winning Streak
Jonas Blue and Sam Feldt

Sam Feldt, equally accomplished, brings his unique blend of infectious melodies and deep grooves to the partnership. His reinterpretation of the Robin S classic “Show Me Loveachieved platinum status and peaked at No. 3 on the UK Singles Chart. His track “Post Malone,” featuring over 600 million streams, alongside collaborations with notable artists like Kesha, Rita Ora, and Tones and I, highlights his versatility and widespread appeal. Feldt’s memorable performances at major music festivals such as Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland, and Coachella further attest to his status as a leading figure in the global music scene.

As Endless Summer, Jonas Blue and Sam Feldt are poised to dominate the music charts in 2024. With “Rest Of My Life” setting a high benchmark, the duo hints at an exciting lineup of releases that will undoubtedly captivate their audience. Jonas Blue’s upcoming solo tour in Japan is a perfect platform to showcase their vibrant sound and magnetic energy, bridging cultural gaps and bringing their music to new horizons.

Jonas Blue & Sam Feldt's Winning Streak

For the music enthusiasts in Tulum and beyond, “Rest Of My Life” is more than just a song—it’s an invitation to experience the perpetual joy and freedom that music can bring. As Endless Summer continues to evolve and push the boundaries of electronic music, their journey is a reminder of the power of collaboration, creativity, and the enduring appeal of summer vibes.


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