April 6, 2024
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Afterlife Tulum Reveals Electrifying 2024 Lineup

TULUM, Mexico – When it comes to the realm of live music experiences, few spectacles rival the grandeur of Afterlife. Led by Tale Of Us, this brand has been the harbinger of sensational visual displays, captivating the hearts of dance music enthusiasts worldwide. Yet, amidst their global journey, it’s their curated show in Mexico, Afterlife Tulum, that stands as the crowning glory.

Past renditions of Afterlife Tulum at Zamna have left attendees spellbound, with Tale Of Us and their eclectic entourage weaving a tapestry of mind-bending tracks and vibrant visuals. Set against the backdrop of Tulum’s lush tropical landscape, these shows serve as an unparalleled way to kickstart the new year.

Scheduled to return on January 4 and January 6, the forthcoming showcase promises a lineup that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Afterlife Tulum Reveals Electrifying 2024 Lineup

Both evenings are slated to feature Tale Of Us, with Anyma presenting Genesys on January 4 and MRAK unveiling We Don’t Follow on January 6. Each night stands as a distinct experience, ensuring an exclusive auditory and visual journey for attendees.

The allure of the Jungle stage beckons with a lineup comprising Adriatique, Mind Against, Cassian, Brina Knauss, and Eynka on Thursday. Come Saturday, the stage transforms with performances by CamelPhat, Argy, Chris Avantgarde, Layla Benitez b2b KASIA, and Omnya.

Afterlife Tulum Reveals Electrifying 2024 Lineup

Simultaneously, the Isla stage boasts the prowess of artists like Rebuke, Recondite, 8Kays, and more on Thursday, while Saturday heralds the presence of Colyn, Massano, Woo York, and an array of talents to enthrall the audience. The Garden stage, an oasis of sonic delight, features artists such as The Element, Dyzen, and 19:26 on Thursday, while Saturday’s lineup showcases Oostil, Armonica, Magdalena, and an ensemble of musical virtuosos.

For those eager to partake in this electrifying experience, GA and VIP tickets for Afterlife Tulum are now available for purchase. Enthusiasts can secure their spots by visiting the official website, where more details await.

The Afterlife Tulum experience promises to be a symphony of artistic prowess and auditory splendor, an event not just witnessed but immersed in—a kaleidoscope of musical enchantment set amidst the vibrant landscapes of Tulum, Mexico.


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