April 23, 2024
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Cable-Stayed Bridge Halts Tren Maya Advancement

TULUM, México – In the latest development regarding the ambitious Tren Maya project, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador admitted on Monday to further delays due to the construction of a cable-stayed bridge in Tramo 5, stretching from Cancún to Tulum. This delay stems from the meticulous efforts to safeguard the region’s delicate ecosystem, including caves, cenotes, and underground rivers.

“This stretch is the most karstic, with the most vulnerable soil for cenotes and underwater rivers,” stated López Obrador. “However, we have taken special care not to harm the environment. We are not building the train at ground level from Tulum to Cancún, covering 120 kilometers with more underground rivers and karst formations. Instead, it will traverse atop a bridge, an 80-kilometer viaduct.”

The decision to construct a cable-stayed bridge with a 200-meter clearance was made to prevent disruption to the area. López Obrador emphasized the need to protect the region, opting for a bridge despite the possibility of quicker alternatives.

Cable-Stayed Bridge Halts Tren Maya Advancement

While acknowledging the construction’s progress from Cancún to Playa del Carmen, López Obrador highlighted the pending completion of the cable-stayed bridge to Tulum, slated for late August.

Notably, plans for the bridge were initially announced in January 2023, with López Obrador unveiling a project model. The bridge’s construction aims to preserve underground rivers, caves, and cenotes, underscoring a genuine commitment to environmental protection.

This announcement follows the President’s acknowledgment in April of a cenote’s contamination due to the Tren Maya construction—a rare concession amidst assertions of isolated incidents. López Obrador assured us that remediation efforts were underway, involving the removal of concrete from the affected site.

Cable-Stayed Bridge Halts Tren Maya Advancement

Throughout his tenure, López Obrador has postponed the completion of the Tren Maya, opting for phased inaugurations instead. The project’s finalization is now anticipated in September, coinciding with the conclusion of his term.

The Tulum Times will continue monitoring developments on the Tren Maya project, providing comprehensive coverage of its impact on the region’s environment and infrastructure.


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