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Tuluminati: what does it mean and who are the members of this tribe in the Riviera Maya?

Popular in beach towns of the Riviera Maya, the famous tuluminatis are the sensation of bohemian travelers, we tell you more about them in this article.

The Riviera Maya has witnessed one of the most talked-about trends not only in social networks but also in the lifestyle of foreign residents who choose the warm beaches of the Mexican Caribbean as their home. There is a group, which is growing more and more in this area of the country and they are famous for creating a whole lifestyle linked to nature, health and elegance.

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The so-called tuluminatis are a chic and elite group that has seen its growth in the most exclusive areas of cities like Tulum, it is common to see them walking around the tourist areas with a hat, a silk cape and huaraches, but there are more of them that you can meet. In Soy Nómada we tell you more about one of the tribes of the Riviera Maya, the Tuluminatis.

Tuluminati: what does it mean and who are the members of this urban nomadic tribe?

One of the best known cities for international tourism is undoubtedly Tulum, a small town-city nestled in the Mexican Caribbean, with its incredible beaches has become one of Mexico’s favorite places for ecotourism and chic life in comfort with the jungle and the sea.

Photo: @fontetulum

As a tourist city, in this region of the Yucatan Peninsula interact travelers from all over the world and of different scales, from backpackers on a tight budget, to travelers with high possibilities that have been trapped with the mystical and hippie aura that offers the small town of Tulum.

Tuluminati, is a fairly new concept emerging from the paradisiacal corners of the Riviera Maya, used to refer to those international travelers who have adopted an entrepreneurial-relaxed lifestyle within the Caribbean coasts of Mexico, the Tuluminatis are known for leading a very particular lifestyle, a way of existing in sync with nature, spiritual and ecological without losing their city essence.

Photo: @fontetulum

Everything seems to indicate that the aesthetics adopted by the people who are usually called tuluminatis comes from the immediate context: the beaches, the jungle, the cultural mystique and the emerging cultural combinations between the regional and the international have resulted in this group that combines an ecotourist lifestyle with the chic of the new urban trend.

The Tuliminatis are characterized by their influence in the region, their trips, in addition to pleasure, seek business investment in models of their own interest: glamping, artisan boutiques and eco-chic hotels are some of the centers they have created, in which they invest and where they are usually seen.

Photo: @fontetulum

Those who make up this tribe are usually businessmen and wealthy travelers who fell in love with the territory and decided to carry out an eco-chic lifestyle in the jungles of Quintana Roo, they are mostly foreigners from cities like New York, Ibiza, Los Angeles or Spain.

These same entrepreneurs have been demonized as Tuluminatis and year after year they gather more people with the same aspirations, they meet by the sea and retreat to the main tourist areas, it is common to see them walking along the coast in flip flops or huaraches, wide brimmed hats, uncombed hair, with light tunics and expensive fabrics on beach bikes, in their places of coexistence there is always mystical music, dream catchers and mandalas.

Photo: @fontetulum

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  1. There’s nothing eco in that area, maybe chic, but NOT eco! It’s all a big fake! All the hotels, restaurants and shops in the zona hotelera Tulum, run his own electric generator feeded with diesel! There’s no public light, that’s why they need electric generators! There’s no sewage connected with the city! Almost everybody flush in the underground tanks that must be emptied frequently! Who doesn’t do frequently, let the organic residual (shit) exit underground and contaminate the cenotes, the water, and the reef. Think about it, before talk about the Tulum paradise, the big, huge, FAKE

    1. I hear you Max. It’s a load of bonkers bullshit. Blah blah Tulum-inazi perhaps?

    2. Absolutely. And now the beach cannot even be used as it is covered with more sargaso (sea weed) than ever . It almost looks like sewage and it has a very bad ordor and some of it is toxic … this is your view at the moment when you sit in an overpriced hotel in zona hotelera.

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