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Tulum will exhibit the work of Mayan artisans during the celebrations of their day

This March 18 and 19, in the framework of the Day of the Artisan, an exhibition of art, culture and gastronomy will be held in the esplanade of the Cancha de la Cultura Maya park, next to the municipal palace.

Jorge Mario Molina Perez, General Director of Tourism and Economy, announced that 80 artisans from Tulum are expected to participate in this event, exhibiting all their attractions and the value of their creations.

He explained that this event is free, organized by the Directorate of Economy and the Department of Artisan Promotion, which seek to promote cultural coexistence in Tulum and to be an attraction for the local population, national and foreign tourists.

“Artisan’s Day is celebrated on March 19 and this celebration that we are contemplating through the Directorate of Economy and the Department of Artisan Promotion will be two days (18 and 19), where the participation of about 80 artisans and craftsmen of Tulum is contemplated,” said the official.

He added that the purpose is to contact the identity of Tulum and with a series of activities also entertainment, music, dance, painting, workshops, among others.

“Of course the municipal president Diego Castañón Trejo, who supports this type of cultural events, is invited to the inauguration,” said Molina Pérez.

The municipal official said that it will be an event of integration, identity and where people who attend will be able to taste typical dishes of our Mayan Caribbean.

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