April 6, 2024
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Vote for Tulum: A World’s Best Beach Dream

TULUM, Mexico – This year, the picturesque city of Tulum, located in the stunning state of Quintana Roo, has achieved a remarkable milestone in the tourism industry by being awarded the title of Mexico’s Best Beach Destination at the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA).

Now, this dreamy destination in the Riviera Maya faces an even greater challenge as it’s nominated to compete for the title of the World’s Best Beach Destination. It’s a unique opportunity for Tulum to shine on the global tourism stage and for all those who have experienced its charms to share their love for this corner of the Mexican Caribbean.

The news has sparked palpable excitement in Tulum and among travel enthusiasts worldwide who recognize that this Mexican destination is one of the Earth’s most precious treasures. But how can Tulum enthusiasts contribute to making this city the World’s Best Beach Destination? The answer is simple: by voting online.

Vote for Tulum: A World's Best Beach Dream

The World Travel Awards, often dubbed the “Oscars of tourism,” allow the general public to participate in the selection of the winners. To vote for Tulum and help it become the World’s Best Beach Destination, interested individuals can visit the official World Travel Awards website at https://www.worldtravelawards.com/vote. There, they will find the relevant categories and can cast their vote for Tulum, thus expressing their appreciation for this magical place.

Tulum’s nomination as the World’s Best Beach Destination comes at a crucial moment for the city, as it is expected to experience significant tourism growth in the coming years.

Vote for Tulum: A World's Best Beach Dream

The construction of the Tren Maya, an ambitious infrastructure development project that will connect key tourist destinations in Mexico, including Tulum, promises to make access to this Caribbean gem easier. Furthermore, the expansion of the Tulum International Airport will allow for more national and international flights, attracting visitors from all around the world.

This increased accessibility is viewed favorably by the local tourism industry and municipal authorities, who are seeking a balance between tourism growth and the preservation of the natural environment and local culture. With sustainable tourism in mind, Tulum is gearing up to welcome more visitors who can experience the magic of its beaches, cenotes, archaeological sites, and jungle in a respectful and conscious manner.

Vote for Tulum: A World's Best Beach Dream

Jorge Mario Molina Pérez, the Director General of Tourism and Economy for the Municipality, expressed his joy at the nomination and encouraged everyone to vote for Tulum in the World Travel Awards.

The voting process in the World Travel Awards will be open for a limited period, until November 17th, so Tulum enthusiasts are urged to act promptly. Every vote counts, and together, passionate travelers can help Tulum reach the summit and be recognized as the World’s Best Beach Destination.


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