April 6, 2024
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Viva Aerobus Takes Off in Tulum’s Debut Airport

TULUM, Mexico – In a groundbreaking move, Viva Aerobus has solidified its place in aviation history by becoming the first airline to operate a commercial flight to the newly inaugurated Tulum ‘Felipe Carrillo Puerto’ International Airport. The inauguration ceremony, graced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, marked a significant milestone for both the airline and the burgeoning tourist destination.

With three inaugural flights, Viva Aerobus unveiled its routes from both airports in Mexico City (AIFA and AICM) and Monterrey to the newly established Tulum airport.

The inaugural commercial flight, VB9360, originating from the new Mexico City airport (AIFA), touched down at 13:15 hours with 179 passengers on board, marking the beginning of a new era for Tulum’s aviation landscape.

Following closely at 13:25 hours was the flight from Monterrey, carrying 155 passengers, and a couple of hours later, the aircraft departing from AICM arrived with 186 passengers on board.

Viva Aerobus Takes Off in Tulum's Debut Airport

Javier Diego Campillo, the administrator of Tulum Airport, welcomed Viva Aerobus to this new destination, emphasizing its immense tourism and commercial potential. He highlighted the airport’s capacity to handle 5.5 million passengers annually, boasting unparalleled service and cutting-edge technology for a secure and highly efficient operation.

Juan Carlos Zuazua, the CEO of Viva Aerobus, underscored the significance of the Tulum International Airport as a crucial infrastructure project for the Riviera Maya. He expressed optimism about the increased route options and improved pricing it would bring to passengers. Zuazua pledged the airline’s commitment to such transformative projects, reminiscent of their support for the inauguration of the new Mexico City airport.

“Congratulations to the new Tulum Airport, which undoubtedly will bring greater competitiveness, tourism, and economic impact to the region,” added Zuazua, reinforcing the positive outlook for Tulum’s future.

Viva Aerobus Takes Off in Tulum's Debut Airport

It’s worth noting that Viva Aerobus, with these new routes, strengthens the connectivity and accessibility of Quintana Roo, operating from its four international airports: Cancún, Chetumal, Cozumel, and now, Tulum. This expansion solidifies Viva Aerobus as one of the leading airlines in the state, offering over 30 routes and further enhancing its presence in the region. As the Tulum airport takes flight, it promises to be a catalyst for increased tourism, economic growth, and global connectivity for the vibrant destination on the Yucatán Peninsula.


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