April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Sustainable Tourism: A Triple Win for Nature, Economy, and Travelers

TULUM, Mexico – Tulum has embraced sustainable tourism, yielding a trifecta of benefits: environmentally responsible establishments, increased economic gains for entrepreneurs, and ecosystem preservation.

Jorge Molina Pérez, the Director General of Tourism and Economy for the Tulum municipality, highlighted the area’s growth in terms of accommodations, commercial enterprises, businesses, and, of course, attractions. Simultaneously, he pointed out the escalating interest among travelers in establishments offering eco-conscious experiences.

“The focus is on sustainable tourism, which has become a secure bet for the hotel industry. The benefits are threefold – visitors prefer environmentally responsible accommodations, which in turn translate into greater economic gains for businesses. Moreover, it aids in the preservation of our ecosystems, thereby securing Tulum as a destination for the enjoyment of both residents and visitors alike,” he elaborated.

Tulum's Sustainable Tourism: A Triple Win for Nature, Economy, and Travelers

Molina Pérez emphasized the ongoing collaborative efforts across all sectors to promote sustainable tourism, focusing on safe and inclusive experiences. He also highlighted the upcoming inauguration of the Jaguar Park, which is expected to enhance Tulum’s reputation for order and respect, drawing both national and international tourists to savor the magic and authenticity that has always set this tourist haven apart.

David Ortiz Mena, the President of the Tulum Hotel Association (AHT), noted that Tulum has experienced double-digit growth since its inception as a tourist destination. Currently boasting over 10,800 hotel rooms, with more hotels scheduled to open in the coming months, this growth has resulted in a significant increase of over 20 percent in recent years.

However, Ortiz Mena pointed out that there has been a significant increase in the registration of vacation rental platforms, surpassing 11,000 listings. Given the existing infrastructure in the municipality, this is a substantial figure.

Tulum's Sustainable Tourism: A Triple Win for Nature, Economy, and Travelers

Furthermore, he indicated that federal government infrastructure projects are likely to exacerbate population and visitor growth, presenting a significant challenge to maintaining sustainable conditions for both the destination and the municipality.

Ortiz Mena stressed the importance of providing Tulum with the necessary services not only for visitors but also for locals. He expressed his belief that sustainability is crucial not only for the destination as a whole but also for individual development.

He noted that Tulum’s close connection with nature is a significant draw for visitors from around the world. However, he acknowledged that there are areas that need improvement to continue attracting tourists seeking ecotourism destinations.

He reiterated the responsibility of all sectors of society and the economy to work towards maintaining the destination’s sustainable image.

Tulum's Sustainable Tourism: A Triple Win for Nature, Economy, and Travelers

“We have a great opportunity to improve sustainability in the destination and promote individual projects that take this into account. It is increasingly clear that visitors prefer destinations with well-developed sustainability aspects, those that not only promote ecology but also contribute to local communities. The banking sector is increasingly rewarding this approach, making it a clear trend, and in Tulum, we must strive to continuously evolve and move in this direction,” he emphasized.

In commemoration of World Tourism Day 2023, the World Tourism Organization underscores the need for investments that prioritize people, the planet, and prosperity. It calls for innovative solutions rather than traditional investments that solely promote economic growth and productivity.


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