May 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Soaring Appeal to American Travelers

TULUM, México – The southern region of Quintana Roo, known for its picturesque destinations like Chetumal, Bacalar, and Majahual, has long been a magnet for international travelers. However, tourism dynamics have shifted notably in 2024, with a significant surge in visitors from the United States reshaping the landscape.

This influx can be attributed to introducing new direct flight routes several American airlines offer to the Tulum International Airport. Additionally, concerted promotional campaigns have spotlighted the region’s attractions, amplifying its allure to a broader audience. Raúl Andrade Angulo, President of the Central and Southern Quintana Roo Hotel Association, emphasizes the transformative impact of these developments.

Tulum's Soaring Appeal to American Travelers

“The increased arrival of North American visitors to our premier destinations in the southern zone yields remarkably positive figures for our tourism service providers,” notes Angulo. “In April alone, we witnessed an 18% surge in tourists from the United States, primarily drawn to Bacalar but also exploring Majahual and Chetumal due to their proximity. This trend is facilitated by the expanding flight offerings from the Tulum International Airport, ushering in high-value tourism that greatly benefits our region.”

Statistics from the Hotel Association reveal that foreign tourist arrivals in the southern region maintained levels above 60% in the first quarter of the year, with North Americans constituting approximately 19% of these visitors. As the summer season approaches, projections suggest a potential further uptick, particularly with the commencement of flights from Canada to the Tulum International Airport.

Tulum's Soaring Appeal to American Travelers

While celebrating this positive momentum, Angulo underscores ongoing efforts to restore air connectivity to the Chetumal International Airport. Such initiatives, he believes, would catalyze increased volumes of both international and domestic travelers, thereby sustaining positive indicators across all sectors, notably the hospitality industry.

“This remains a priority for us. We continue collaborating with tourism authorities to regain the connectivity we enjoyed pre- and post-pandemic,” asserts Angulo. “Observing the improved international tourism flow from the Tulum airport, we anticipate even greater benefits with direct flights to Chetumal, streamlining travel logistics and enhancing cost efficiencies. We are committed to pursuing every avenue to realize this objective.”


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