April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Beach Cleanup Aims to Revive Tourism Despite Off-Peak Season

TULUM, Mexico – Workers in the tourism sector are hopeful that the beach cleanup efforts in Tulum will attract both domestic and international tourists, despite the ongoing low season in this beloved destination.

Noé Ramírez Hernández, a local artisan, expressed optimism that these efforts might spark renewed interest among travelers, enticing them to visit Tulum and help boost their much-needed revenue.

He pointed out that the limited success of past holiday seasons was greatly hampered by the massive influx of seaweed, which deterred visitors. Ramírez Hernández believes that alongside the beach cleanup, effective advertising showcasing the pristine state of the beaches and the creation of appealing tourist activities are equally crucial.

On the other hand, Alejandro Escalante Peraza, a tour sales agent, mentioned that Tulum boasts unique attractions, including its stunning beaches. He remains hopeful that the arrival of tourists will increase even during the non-holiday season.

Tulum's Beach Cleanup Aims to Revive Tourism Despite Off-Peak Season

Escalante Peraza acknowledged the challenges Tulum has faced but emphasized that its natural and cultural wonders, such as its pristine beaches and proximity to ancient archaeological sites, continue to draw both national and international travelers.

“Despite the adversities, Tulum offers unique attractions due to the beauty of its beaches, the allure of its sea, the enchantment of its jungle, and the proximity to archaeological vestiges, making it an exceptionally appealing destination. We believe that its inherent magic and energy will make a resurgence. We are confident that there are more good and positive people in this destination, and we remain optimistic about a brighter future in all aspects,” he declared.

According to the Sargasso Monitoring Network, out of 100 beaches in Quintana Roo, 80 currently show minimal presence of seaweed, 15 have had no reported seaweed accumulation, and five have reported moderate seaweed presence.


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