April 6, 2024
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Tulum Targets 2M Visitors in 2024

TULUM, Mexico – Mario Cruz Rodríguez, President of the local Tourism Promotion Council, recently unveiled ambitious plans to attract over 2 million visitors to Tulum this year. This target is part of a broader tourism promotion strategy that includes various marketing campaigns and leveraging the Tulum International Airport.

Despite the challenges faced in 2023, Quintana Roo concluded the year triumphantly in tourism, welcoming over 20 million visitors, with approximately 1.8 million choosing Tulum as their destination. These official figures underscore Tulum’s rising prominence in the national and international tourism landscape.

Although challenging, 2023 set the stage for what is anticipated to be a prosperous and growth-filled 2024 in the tourism sector. Local authorities, in collaboration with civil society and the business sector, have begun joint efforts since the start of the year to ensure the success of these plans.

Cruz Rodríguez’s ambition to surpass the two million visitor mark in Tulum is solidly supported by the existence of Tulum International Airport. This airport not only enhances the region’s accessibility but also symbolizes Tulum’s commitment to quality and sustainable tourism.

Tulum Targets 2M Visitors in 2024

Coordination among various sectors is crucial to achieving the proposed goals for 2024. Tulum International Airport is expected to be a key factor in this process, facilitating the arrival of a larger number of visitors and strengthening the region’s tourism infrastructure.

Tulum is gearing up for a record-breaking year in tourism, backed by a robust promotion strategy and the necessary infrastructure to welcome an increasing number of visitors. With the boost from the International Airport and collaboration between the government, society, and businesses, Tulum positions itself as a premier tourist destination, ready to surpass its records in 2024.


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