April 6, 2024
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Three boutique hotels you must visit in the magical Mayan jungle of Tulum

Tulum, on the Caribbean coast of Yucatan, is one of the most fashionable destinations in Mexico. It doesn’t need much introduction because this place has been talked about countless times. Its white sand beaches, its turquoise waters, the wonderful well-preserved ruins and the restaurants and hotels we find there, make Tulum a dream destination. We have talked about Tulum on many occasions, but today we are going to talk about three hotels that are a destination in themselves. Three accommodations that remind you in every corner where you are. Because that is important: that the hotels are aware of the place where they are and remind you of it at every moment.

Hotel Muaré

It is one of those hotels where you are invited to go barefoot. An experience that, evidently, connects you even more with the place and with the nature that surrounds you, the Mayan jungle. And why Moiré? “A moiré occurs when two geometrically regular patterns overlap… Forming a pattern of its own. This, precisely, is what happens in our hotel. Different experiences happen in the same space… When these sensations and experiences overlap, an experience of its own is generated.” Natural fabrics, rooms and villas open to nature… Muaré is an experience in itself. A hotel where you can walk barefoot because you don’t know where the accommodation begins and where Tulum ends.

Website: https://www.hotelmuare.mx/

La Valise Tulum

Another boutique hotel in the area that we like is La Valise. A heated infinity pool, cabana-shaped rooms, hammocks to lie in and enjoy the starry sky at night… La Valise is paradise. There are eleven villas and eleven rooms, depending on the type of stay we want, although in both wings the treatment is always exquisite. A sophisticated hotel but with a bohemian spirit… As unique as its guests.

Website: https://www.lavalisetulum.com/

Jashita Tulum Hotel

They say they are the best kept secret in Tulum… Mainly because they are away from it all. A small boutique hotel with only 30 sophisticated rooms between beautiful bougainvillea and the Caribbean Sea. Sleep in their rooms that make us brush the jungle with our fingers, snorkel near the coral reef in the area, dine in their magnificent Pandano restaurant -which mixes Mexican and Italian gastronomy-, relax in their wellness area… Jashita is the place to relax and get away from the frenzy that sometimes plagues Tulum.

Website: https://www.jashitahotel.com/


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