April 6, 2024
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The Secret Ingredient to Tulum’s Success

TULUM, Mexico – The curtains have closed on Tulum’s participation in the 2023 IFTM Top Resa Paris Fair, leaving behind a promising outlook for the destination’s future. Carla Patricia Andrade Piedras, the Executive Director of the Tulum Hotel Association (AHT), emphasized the growing interest in Tulum’s wellness-focused concept and predicted that tangible results would emerge in the coming year.

For the first time, Tulum shared its booth with the General Directorate of Economy and Tourism of Tulum, fostering a harmonious collaboration to showcase the region’s abundant natural and cultural attractions in the Mexican Caribbean.

Carla Patricia Andrade Piedras highlighted that Tulum was a sought-after gem for travel agencies and specialized tour operators throughout the event. These concerted promotional efforts are anticipated to bear fruit in the 2024 vacation season.

The Secret Ingredient to Tulum's Success

“We are thrilled with the decision to participate in this space to promote Tulum, particularly within the realms of cultural, wellness, relaxation, and leisure tourism. Tulum has always been a highly sought-after destination with significant acceptance. Sharing our space with the General Directorate of Economy and Tourism sends a strong message of unity and strength. We are excited to see the results of these promotional endeavors next year. We hope that the upcoming seasons will see a significant upturn,” expressed Carla Patricia Andrade Piedras.

She went on to reveal that some coastal hotels have already reported an 18 percent increase in room occupancy, although these figures are still considered conservative.

“We have received reports of an approximate 18-point increase in room occupancy in Tulum’s coastal area. However, it’s important to note that these numbers are still on the conservative side. These statistics are encouraging, and we are optimistic that we will reap the rewards in the upcoming year,” she added.

The Secret Ingredient to Tulum's Success

The collaborative efforts between the Tulum Hotel Association and the General Directorate of Economy and Tourism of Tulum are poised to solidify Tulum’s position as a top-notch destination, particularly in the realms of wellness, culture, and relaxation, drawing visitors seeking a holistic travel experience. With the promising signs of increased room occupancy, Tulum seems well on its way to realizing its potential as a premier travel destination for those in pursuit of tranquility and cultural richness.


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