The most instagrammable places in Tulum

July 25, 2024
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The most instagrammable places in Tulum

The most instagrammable places in Tulum

The most instagrammable places in Tulum

By Lisa Homsy.

Fresh off my birthday trip to Tulum and I’m already getting so many questions about the best Tulum Instagram spots. I’m finally revealing all my favorite places as well as the most Instagrammable places in Tulum. (Recently updated February 2021).

Tulum is one of my favorite places to visit, and I fall in love with it more each time. I’ve visited twice and Tulum continues to host the chicest hotels, restaurants, and bars. It’s pretty much made for Instagram, and I just love the bohemian and eco-friendly vibes.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum

Here’s a breakdown of the most Instagrammable places to visit in Tulum including the best hotels, the best places to eat, and the best things to do.

Map of the best Tulum Instagram posts

Most of the Instagram spots in Tulum are located very close to each other, making it easy to hit all of them in a quick trip. However, a couple of them, Chichen Itza and Cenote Suytun, are located a little further away.

This map includes three layers, one for hotels, one for restaurants, and one for things to do in Tulum. You can view it by each layer to find all the best Instagram photo spots in Tulum.

Where to stay in Tulum

Tulum is known for having some of the most Instagrammable hotels in the world. It’s like each hotel has to outdo the others to become the next Instagram hot spot. Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from for your Tulum trip.


We checked into the Nest Villa for only one night and immediately regretted the fact that we couldn’t stay for longer! This place was Pinterest heaven!

The most instagrammable places in Tulum
The most instagrammable places in Tulum
The most instagrammable places in Tulum

Imagine, woven hammocks hung throughout the villa, natural simplistic decor completed with locally sourced fixtures and furniture made by local craftsmen. Is anyone else asking themselves when they can move in? They also have great vegan and non-vegan breakfast options!


If you search Tulum on Pinterest, this hotel is likely one of the first ones you’ll see! I haven’t stayed here, but I went by to take photos last year.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum

Since Azulik Beach is a nude beach, they are pretty strict on letting people just go to shoot on the property. I think you can still go for dinner or a drink on the sunset rooftop which is a beautiful spot for photos.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum


I’ve never stayed here but the beach is beautiful for photos, think Morocco meets Mexico! Terracotta ceramic lanterns, little white lights strung through palm trees, teepees and even a beach bonfire! Nomade is not to miss!


I haven’t yet stayed here but it’s definitely on my shortlist of must stays. Made with natural materials that blend into the environment, Be Tulum also features private pools, giving you the freedom and privacy you need.


Ever wanted to sleep in a treehouse? Again I’ve never stayed here, but I have wanted to! However, I did manage to drone one morning and got some beautiful footage from the exterior of the property.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum
The most instagrammable places in Tulum
The most instagrammable places in Tulum
The most instagrammable places in Tulum


Hands down the best hotel for drone footage! With the pools on the rooftop of the villas, it makes for some pretty unique shots. Papaya Playa Project has to be on the list for the top Tulum Instagram spots with pools like that!


The best spot to sip on a mojito and watch the sun go down in Tulum by far. Coco is known for their white beach swings which are a popular Tulum Instagram photo spot.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum

Consider this your heads up that the swings get occupied quickly. If catching sunset is your goal, then get there early to snag a seat! If you are just going for the photos, sunrise is also stunning.


Once owned by Pablo Escobar, this hotel is known for it’s an impressive entranceway. I still have yet to visit, but you can always go just to shoot.

Fair warning – I have heard mixed reviews on their photo policies. Some friends haven’t had any trouble using big cameras whereas others have said they only allowed iPhone photos to be taken. In any case, it seems like an impressive place to visit and grab a drink.

Insta worthy Tulum Restaurants

On top of all of the Instagrammable places to stay in Tulum, there are a ton of Instagrammable places to eat in Tulum. These Tulum restaurants and eateries serve up delicious food as well as amazing photo ops!


For all the acai bowl lovers out there, you need to eat at Raw Love in Tulum! One of my favorite vegan places on the strip.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum

Not only do they have delicious vegan eats, it’s one of the cutest photo locations with wooden tables and hammocks hung amongst lush greenery and sandy floors.


I love you so matcha! This has to be one of the most photographed restaurants in Tulum. It has the cutest storefront with swings and known for their matcha drinks, bowls and ice cream.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum
The most instagrammable places in Tulum

Food wise, I personally like Raw Love better, but I still think Matcha Mama is a place to hit while in Tulum. If not for the food, definitely for the infamous swing shot! There are two locations, so make sure to go to the location on Tulum Beach.


This little bar with the turquoise tuk-tuk parked outside serves up the best coconut ice cream. I’m serious! Don’t go to the bar for a drink – it’s all about their ice cream.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum

The first time I visited Tulum and discovered their ice cream was vegan, I think I went a little overboard eating it as much as I could! Stop by for a cool treat on a hot day and get some epic Instagram photos too.


Think Morocco meets Mexico! Macondo offers a variety of vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian selections. Be forewarned though, they are pretty strict when it comes to photos.

We went for lunch and ordered appetizers and mains, but even still we weren’t allowed to take photos with a camera. We did manage to sneak a few iPhone photos though!

In talking with other creators, this seems to be the only option. Personally, I always hate when someone forces me to use my iPhone because I love my camera gear. However, the iPhone is so convenient, and the quality always surprises me.

The best things to do in Tulum

Now that you have your perfect hotel and your food plans laid out, its time to find some fun things to do in Tulum. Not only are these some of the best things to do in Tulum, they all provide plenty of photo ops to get that perfect Instagram shot!


Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. daily
Cost: $300 pesos (about $15 USD)

One of my favorite cenotes I’ve ever visited is Grand Cenote in Tulum! The true beauty of this cenote is actually on the opposite side of the main area. We knew this side was less visited so we went straight there to shoot when it opened.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum

There is an entrance fee of about $15 USD to enter the cenote, and all visitors must take a cold shower before entering. (I was so happy I didn’t bother to do my hair!)


Hours: 24 hours
Cost: FREE

The Follow That Dream Sign in Tulum is located just outside the Lolita & Lolita Shop and across the street from Suenos Tulum. It stays busy throughout the day, but people typically move on pretty quickly.

The most instagrammable places in Tulum

This sign is probably one of the most photographed locations in Tulum. If you haven’t taken a picture in front of the sign, have you really even been to Tulum? Day in and day out you’ll see visitors pull over on their bicycles to get the classic shot for the gram.


Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (3 p.m. on Sundays)
Cost: 350 pesos for swimmers (less than $17 USD)

Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten around to visiting this cenote when in Tulum. It’s one of the closest cenotes for Tulum town so if you have time definitely check it out!

This cenote is definitely not like the others, it’s unique in the fact that it does not have a roof. It’s basically a sinkhole with a swing and ladder.


If content is your goal and you want to look your best as you make your way through these shoot locations, I’d highly recommend pampering yourse at Prep Tulum. The team at Prep treated me so a full hair makeover, making sure I was photo ready for an epic sunset shoot!

The most instagrammable places in Tulum


When planning a trip to Tulum, make sure to give yourself enough time to explore the main area near the beach as well as some of the sites further out. In addition to time to explore and shoot, make sure to take time to just relax on the beach.

Let us know if this post was helpful to you in planning your next trip! Leave any questions in the comments!

Lisa is a Canadian born lifestyle content creator and photographer with a deep love for adventure and a born passion for travel that is sure to ignite your sense of wanderlust! Website:

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