April 6, 2024
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International Flights Arriving Soon in Tulum!

TULUM, Mexico – The eagerly awaited Tulum International Airport, known as “Felipe Carrillo Puerto,” is on the verge of commencing its operations, and the latest details surrounding its launch have been unveiled by Miguel Vallin, the Director General of the Federal Agency of Civil Aviation (AFAC).

In an exclusive revelation to The Tulum Times, Vallin stated that the initial operations of this new airport will be limited to domestic flights, with international flights scheduled to begin in March of the following year. The airport has garnered attention from major airlines, and several key carriers have confirmed their participation in the airport’s debut.

Among the domestic carriers, Aeroméxico, Volaris, and Viva Aaerobus are set to embark on their Tulum journey, serving the domestic travel needs of residents and tourists alike. As for international carriers, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines have secured their positions at the airport. Other international carriers have expressed interest, although final agreements are yet to be reached.

Vallin Osuna emphasized that the airport expects flights not only from the United States but also from Europe, Asia, and other continents, thereby transforming Tulum into a global travel hub. It’s worth noting that no airline will receive preferential treatment; all carriers will be on a level playing field with standard operational costs.

Regarding airport fees, Vallin disclosed that the Tarifa de Uso de Aeropuerto (TUA), or Airport Usage Fee, will be set at a competitive rate during the initial phase of airport operations. While exact figures are still pending, Vallin assured that the TUA in Tulum will be cost-effective, benefitting travelers.

International Flights Arriving Soon in Tulum!

The new airport, situated in the heart of Quintana Roo’s central-southern region, is poised to handle an estimated 5 million passengers annually, facilitating the transportation needs of a growing tourism sector.

Miguel Vallin took part in the discussions at the Airline Leaders and AGM Forum organized by the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) in Cancun, further solidifying the airport’s connections with regional and international aviation authorities.

He also touched upon the reduction in TUA fees set to be implemented at airports nationwide in early January. Vallin views this as a positive development that will ultimately lead to more affordable air travel. For Tulum Airport, the proposed fees are expected to be lower than those at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, but specific figures were not disclosed.

Cancun, known for its booming tourism industry, already boasts a relatively low TUA, and Vallin mentioned that Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ASUR) has been instrumental in maintaining affordable fees, supporting Cancun’s steady growth in passenger numbers.

As for the ongoing review of investment projects by airport groups, Vallin explained that the process, which previously occurred every five years, will now be updated annually to keep up with the rapidly changing aviation landscape. This measure aims to provide greater investment certainty and keep investors informed.

In response to inquiries regarding the launch of Mexicana de Aviación, a new airline company, Vallin assured that AFAC is actively monitoring the situation. He mentioned that Mexicana de Aviación’s plans are set to commence on December 1st. The certification process for this airline, as with any other, is uniform and impartial, ensuring a level playing field for all carriers.

International Flights Arriving Soon in Tulum!

While the specifics of the aircraft to be used by Mexicana de Aviación have not been presented to the agency, there is a growing interest in procuring reliable and safe aircraft that can provide high-quality services at a competitive cost. The upcoming entry of Mexicana de Aviación is anticipated with optimism, contributing to the diverse array of carriers operating at Tulum International Airport.

As this exciting new chapter in Tulum’s aviation history unfolds, the airport stands as a testament to Mexico’s commitment to offering travelers a world-class experience in one of the country’s most iconic destinations. The Tulum Times will continue to monitor developments and provide readers with up-to-the-minute information on this dynamic aviation venture.


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