April 6, 2024
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Expo Turismo Sustentable 2023 Showcases Tulum’s Sustainable Vision

TULUM, Quintana Roo – Tulum is set to host the Expo Turismo Sustentable 2023 in September. This prestigious event, now in its fourteenth edition, will gather 40 participating companies dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in the tourism sector.

Under the visionary leadership of Gilda Sigie, the creator of this remarkable event, the Expo Turismo Sustentable has become a vital platform for sharing knowledge and showcasing groundbreaking projects in the field of sustainable tourism. Over the course of two information-packed days, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in enlightening conferences and gain insights from special guests who will present their sustainable initiatives.

With a focus on environmental technologies and bio-architecture, the expo aims to promote the use of sustainable practices throughout the tourism industry. Representatives from the global tourism and environmental sectors are expected to attend, further enhancing the event’s international significance.

Expo Turismo Sustentable 2023 Showcases Tulum's Sustainable Vision

Originating in 2008 as an initiative to foster development, the Expo Turismo Sustentable started as a gathering at the Casa de la Cultura in Cancun, where early proposals were presented. The overwhelming acceptance of these ideas led to the event’s remarkable growth, eventually transforming it into the foremost platform for sustainable promoters.

The expo will cover a wide range of topics, including environmental technologies, social and productive projects, bio-architecture, and natural materials. Attendees can expect to gain invaluable knowledge on these subjects through immersive experiences and informative sessions.

One of the distinguishing features of the Expo Turismo Sustentable is its ability to bring together experts in sustainability, as well as those eager to learn and contribute. This inclusive forum caters to entrepreneurs, and the participation of organizations such as Amexme and Coparmex ensures extensive networking opportunities to foster domestic tourism.

Expo Turismo Sustentable 2023 Showcases Tulum's Sustainable Vision

Notable companies that will be showcasing their sustainable practices in this edition of the expo include Tetrapak, Ecoce LIVAQ—a brand created by 75 Mexican students—and three Mexican companies based in the United States, Equad, and Lluvia Sólida, among others. The diverse range of participants reflects the growing importance of sustainability across industries and borders.

For the organizers, ensuring widespread access to the expo is of strategic importance. By engaging all stakeholders, they aim to drive the transition towards a more sustainable tourism model and address the global trend towards responsible travel.

Expo Turismo Sustentable 2023 Showcases Tulum's Sustainable Vision

As Tulum continues to position itself as a leader in sustainable tourism, the Expo Turismo Sustentable 2023 serves as a crucial catalyst for change. With its emphasis on innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, this event promises to inspire a new era of sustainable practices that will shape the future of the tourism industry worldwide.


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