Discover All the Magic of Tulum

July 12, 2024
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Discover All the Magic of Tulum

Discover All the Magic of Tulum

Discover All the Magic of Tulum

Working in Finance, caught up in the flurry of day-to-day work and pressures. I find myself in need of some “me” time to check out, unplug, turn off the computer and phones and spend some time on self reflection, improvement and healing. In this article, I want to share just a few gems that helped make my trip to Tulum, Mexico everything I wished for and more.

First, if you haven’t heard of it, or maybe heard of it but never been, let me assure you that Tulum is set-up to accommodate travelers that are looking for a relaxing, Zen, eco-living resort. The difference is, it’s not just a resort… the beach line is stacked with them, all working to compete or offer their best version of the Zen oasis you’re asking for from a vacation.

In Tulum, you’ll find:

  • Yoga
  • Ecoliving
  • Healthy food (vegan, organic, fresh juices, etc.)
  • Shamans and spiritual healing modalities
  • Massage and all types of spa treatments
  • Direct beach access
  • Cute boutique shops
  • Great nightlife

and… sorry to say, a lot of mosquitoes… now maybe that was just seasonal (with my trip having been in October) but make sure you bring the bug spray.
Let me start with the type of people you’ll find in Tulum. While there are many natives, it says something when many of the people that you run into are people from New York (stock broker turned yoga teacher), Australians (now selling essential oils and building their own hotel resort on the beach strip), San Diegans (studying human design, spiritual healings and now moved to Tulum because its vibe epitomizes his calling)… in summary, it’s marketed for a Zen Oasis and it truly is one in the core sense and business sense of the word.

It’s not cheap (at least on the beach strip), but it is amazing and worth every penny spent. I’d say the main attraction would be for couples and busy business women and men trying to get away and relax.

As for my own personal recommendations:

Nomade Tulum

Discover All the Magic of Tulum

I visited Nomade on recommendation from a friend that said Nomade was a hotel that epitomizes Tulum most. In summary, this is an oasis of zen, you feel like you enter another world of awareness calling on the need for gratitude to Mother Nature, the food you eat, karma in treating your body right and taking time to honor your body.

They have delicious vegan food, their reception area and dining room is as if transporting yourself to India with a full table but then cushions for people to sit cross legged; their fresh juices (and alcoholic beverages are delicious), they have a pathway of chimes to walk through, Gratitude tent they do nightly sessions in (whether it be sound healings, meditations or…), daily yoga sessions at the beach (built into the hotel grounds) and cabanas you can fall asleep in.

The staff are wonderful, very attentive and accommodating.

The tents (that I stayed in) were very nice and comfortable. They are not a typical tent but quite large with your own personal bathroom and shower behind a sliding glass door (to keep AC cool air in) while you shower in nature surrounded by wooden pillars for privacy.

This place had a very relaxing energy about it and I would highly recommend a night or two here to experience what ecoliving, gratitude and taking time out can do for your own state of mind and body. Great couples resort.

Ahau Hotel

Discover All the Magic of Tulum

On the last leg of my trip, I was solo and as a female, finding a comfortable place to stay that makes me feel safe is #1 priority. Ahau Hotel exceeded my expectations. They were very attentive and made sure my accommodations were exactly to my needs. The wait staff and security were abundant and all so nice that I felt like I was amongst family.

The grounds and room of Ahau have an energy about it like no other, placed right on the beachfront, built into the surrounding nature with zen music playing while you watch the sunrise from their wooden decks. It was a picturesque memory I won’t forget.

The yoga sessions are done above the restaurant with a view and breeze of the ocean that make the stay absolutely perfect. Add to it healthy eating, juices and a Vegan Cafe (Raw Love Cafe) on the property and I was in heaven. Get $40 massages on the beach and you won’t want to leave.

Best Reiki Healing Ever by Japanese Massage Therapist, Marni Nagatani
One thing I love to do on my trips is get a massage and energy healing that may talk to me at that time in my life’s journey. On this trip, I was looking for the best massage/energy healer I could find. After some research I found Mari Nagatani.

When people say they come to Tulum only to visit Mari, I thought she must be worth the cost of the massage (priced at around $175 US dollars) and they were right. She is gifted and has a great energy for anyone needing healing.


Discover All the Magic of Tulum

Have you heard of it? It’s a sweat lodge chanting session delivered by Shamans using forest stones as the source of heat and steam for the lodge. They are all throughout Tulum and any hotel will help get you scheduled for a session at the price of approximately $90 US dollars. I attended one of these sessions and found much healing and detoxification from this process, after the 2 hour session was done, we were able to further cleanse and rinse off in the ocean just steps from the sand dome under the stars and moon. Very detoxifying and I’d recommend for anyone interested. Make sure to drink lots of water and although it was my first experience, I’d go again.

Yoga Yoga and More Yoga

Discover All the Magic of Tulum

Yoga is delivered throughout the island every day. Each hotel has a yoga schedule. The yoga classes do come at a cost of approximately $10 – $20 US Dollars. The yoga in most cases is performed on decks overlooking the beach, in studios designed within the ecosystem or directly on the beach. I was told repeatedly of another yoga studio in town (off the main beach strip): Holistika Tulum. I did not get a chance to visit it and it’s on my list for when I return. But here is a link. From the looks of it, it’s definitely a MUST for anyone looking for a great retreat. Apparently you can spend a day there getting spa treatments, yoga and eating vegan or organic food to nourish your body. Highly recommended by many.


Discover All the Magic of Tulum
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Finally, if you can get a chance to ask around for him, ask after Shaman, Avelino Ahau. He is a native of and is a healer I’d recommend. No drugs were used, just chanting, healing work and some essential oils. A powerful healer and 1 of the 2 known in Tulum as being natives that people come from all over to visit. No words can fully explain, I would just say that I believe he knows what he’s doing and I’d request a visit with him right on arrival to get the word back to him to schedule you in before you leave. Work with him to seal the healing energy of Tulum before you leave.

Final travel tips:

1) There’s apparently quite a party scene as well. They were getting prepared for a New Year’s party that’s world class.

2) There are many amazing restaurants and food along the beach strip. In addition to cafes for lunch and hotel food served for healthy eating.

3) Cenotes – Tulum has many tours to visit the Cenotes. What is a Cenotes? An underground fresh water pool that’s gorgeous that you can visit and swim in. I’d recommend a visit to at least one of them. Not sure which is the best but they’re special to this part of Mexico. There’s no need for me to repeat what they are since you can find them all over the web, but this one vlogger apparently gives some great tips on budget travel and the cenotes that you may find helpful.

4) Chichen Itza Mexico – A must see.
One of the most famous destinations, and most popular, is Chichen Itza, which was a thriving city of the Mayans tracing its roots to the fifth century AD. In addition to being an important historical site, Chichen and its central pyramid are fantastically well-built and well-preserved. This article does a good job of explaining the Mayan history and details of what you can expect and should look for: visit CNN’s travel article here.


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