Cenote Calavera: recreational and diving site in Tulum

July 25, 2024
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Cenote Calavera: recreational and diving site in Tulum

Cenote Calavera: recreational and diving site in Tulum

Cenote Calavera: recreational and diving site in Tulum

The Calavera cenote is one of the best in the Riviera Maya. What makes this cenote in Tulum so special? The Calavera cenote is so called because it looks like a skull: there is a main hole and two smaller ones that look like eyes.

The water here is quite clear, and this area is popular with divers because the visibility is very good. Visiting this cenote is definitely one of the best things to do in Tulum.

And, what is the best? Which is not one of the most well-known cenotes in the Yucatan, which means that if you are lucky, you will be able to swim alone (better if you come in the morning).

Cenote Calavera Tulum Mexico

But what is a cenote?

You may already know what a cenote is. After all, cenotes have become very popular in recent years. If so, skip this paragraph. However, many people do not know what a cenote is, and I think it is very important to understand what it meant to the Mayans.

Cenotes have great cultural and religious significance to the ancient Maya, who believed that cenotes were passageways to the underworld. In fact, the Mayans performed rituals in the cenotes and considered these places sacred. The word cenote comes from the Mayan word dzonot, which means well.

This means that you should do the same. Be responsible. Take care of the cenotes, always take the garbage with you and use only biodegradable sunscreen before bathing in the cenotes.

Cenote Calavera: recreational and diving site in Tulum
cenote calavera 5

A cenote is a natural sinkhole that dates back centuries. When the limestone caves collapse, they reveal a natural pool. This pool is filled with rainwater and water that flows from the underground rivers to which the drains are connected. And so you have a cenote!

There are 4 types of cenotes

Open cenotes: open cenotes look like open natural pools and can be more or less deep. Some open cenotes are even connected to an underground riverbed (making them a great place to snorkel!). An example of an open cenote is the Cenote Cristalino, near Playa del Carmen.
Semi-open cenotes: as its name indicates, this type of cenote has exposed parts and others partially hidden by the cave. An example of a semi-open cenote is the Gran Cenote, as well as the Calavera Cenote.

Cave Cenotes: This type of cenote is accessed through a ground level entrance. Once inside, it opens into an underground pool that can have both shallow and deep sections. Cenote Dos Ojos is a cenote.
Underground Cenotes: This type of cenote is the most difficult to enter because it is underground. Only experienced divers can enter the underground cenotes. An example of an underground cenote is the Cenote Cementerio de Animales, near Tulum.

Cenote Calavera: recreational and diving site in Tulum
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Everything you need to know about Cenote Calavera, Tulum

Most people avoid entering the cenote on their first visit because it is quite hidden.

However, this is probably a good thing because you can have the cenote to yourself. The two times I went, I was alone or with 2 or 3 other people, and I really like that ?

Facilities available at Cenote Calavera Tulum

Don’t expect anything extraordinary. This is not a super cenote with facilities and services like the Gran Cenote or Dos Ojos. This place has a seating area, armchairs, lots of greenery, and of course, a bathroom.

However, there are places to eat within a few kilometers of the cenote itself. Those responsible for the cenote usually have drinks and sweets for sale.

Cenote Calavera: recreational and diving site in Tulum

The cenote is somewhat isolated, so you have to bring sun cream, water and everything you may need.

There aren’t really any lockers or places to lock your stuff, so if you don’t want to risk leaving something outside, you should leave it at the hotel.

However, the cenote is so small that you will be able to keep an eye on your stuff at all times, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

Calavera Cenote: Useful Information

Below we provide you with information that will be very useful when organizing your visit to this cenote.

Price of Cenote Calavera Tulum
The entrance price to Cenote Calavera is 100 pesos MXN.

Where is the Calavera Cenote located?
The Cenote Calavera is located just 3 kilometers from the center of Tulum, on the road that leads to Cobá. You can see it here on the map:

Hours of Cenote Calavera
Cenote Calavera is open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and is the perfect place to escape the scorching sun.

Diving in the Calavera Cenote

Cenote Calavera: recreational and diving site in Tulum
Cenote Calavera Tulum Mexico 007

If you plan to dive in Cenote Calavera, you will need to bring your own equipment. In general, if you bring your own equipment, it is preferable to take a taxi from the main part of the city than to use other means of transport.

If you don’t have equipment and want to take a course, here is a link to ? the 10 best diving tours in Tulum

How to get to the Calavera Cenote

Thanks to its proximity to Tulum, the cost of transportation will be cheaper.

Rent a bike

Probably the best way to get around the area is to rent a bike and get there, which can take about 20 minutes if you’re coming from the town of Tulum. This way, you can easily visit other cenotes in Tulum.

Rent a car

If you enjoy driving, renting a car is probably the easiest way to get around, especially if you plan to see several cenotes in one day. Renting a car in Mexico is very easy and quite cheap.

The road from Tulum to Cenote Calavera is pretty: you’ll find it on the right, about seven minutes after leaving Tulum. Look for the sign with a skull and the word “Skull” on the right.

Take a taxi

A taxi from the center of Tulum will cost you around 100 MXN pesos.

Cenote Calavera: recreational and diving site in Tulum
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What Tours can you take from Tulum to the Cenote Calavera area?

➤ If you are in Tulum and want to visit several cenotes in one day, I recommend the Cenote Triple Adventure tour. In half a day, this excursion will allow you to snorkel, scuba dive, and cliff jump in three different cenotes: Cenote Casa, Cenote Gran Cenote, and of course, Cenote Calavera.

➤ If you prefer to combine history with nature (and a bit of adventure), the Coba and Punta Laguna tour from Tulum is for you. In one day, you’ll climb the oldest pyramid in Mexico in Cobá, go zip-lining and kayaking in the jungle, and of course, snorkel at Cenote Calavera.

Pros and Cons of Cenote Calavera, Tulum

Pros of Calavera Cenote

Do you like to jump? The Calavera Cenote is so much fun!
This is a cenote located off the beaten track, so you can have it all to yourself.
It is closer to other cenotes, so it will be an exciting trip from Tulum and explore several of them.

Cons of Cenote Calavera

The facilities are very basic, so I do not recommend it to visit as a family with children, you may prefer the Gran Cenote or the Cenote Zacil Ha.
More things to do near Cenote Calavera
➥ Visit other cenotes near Tulum – two other good cenotes that are nearby are Cenote Zacil Ha and Cenote Carwash, but there are so many that it would take days to see them all! I always recommend to reserve at least one day to visit some of them.

➥ Relax for a while on the beach and have lunch in one of the many trendy cafes and restaurants in Tulum.

➥ Explore the ruins of Tulum and, if you have time, go further and visit Chichén Itzá, one of the 7 wonders of the world.

➥ Enjoy a day trip to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, where you will find the bluest waters, dolphins and even crocodiles.

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