April 6, 2024
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British Airways’ Bold Move in Tulum Revealed

TULUM, Mexico – The Secretary of Tourism (Sectur) emphasized the significance of the British tourism market, now ranking fourth in arrivals to Mexico. This market not only contributes substantially to visitor numbers but also boasts high-spending travelers. In 2021, tourists from the United Kingdom spent a noteworthy $81.7 billion outside their country, securing the fourth position globally, as reported by the World Tourism Organization (WTO).

During a meeting with Marc James, Director of Destinations, and Robbie Compion, Director of Planning at British Airways, Torruco Marqués explored the potential of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport. Their interest extends to the Tulum International Airport and the Tren Maya, initiatives set to diversify tourism in southeastern Mexico.

The Tourism Secretary also engaged with Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport, and Social Economy of Morocco, the featured country at WTM 2023. Their discussions ranged from exchanging experiences and best tourism practices to promoting direct connectivity and collaborative promotional schemes encouraging tourist flow between the two nations.

British Airways' Bold Move in Tulum Revealed

In a dialogue with Sebastian Ebel, CEO of TUI Group, the focus was on enhancing tourist arrivals to Mexico. TUI Airways, a major player with a 47.7% share on UK-Mexico-UK routes from January to September 2023, plays a pivotal role as one of the leading international tour operators, facilitating the arrival of tourists from various European nations.

At WTM 2023, Torruco Marqués, along with Mexico’s ambassador to the UK, Josefa González Blanco, attended the event “Nayarit: El México por descubrir,” hosted by the Government of Nayarit. The presentation showcased the rich tourist offerings, complemented by internationally acclaimed events like “Nayarit Desde el Cielo” and the revitalization of the Pueblo Mágico of Mexcaltitán.

In discussions with Javier Aranda Pedrero, Director of the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council, and Jesús Almaguer Salazar, President of the Hotel Association of Cancún, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres, Torruco Marqués emphasized the significance of British tourism in the Mexican Caribbean. Almaguer Salazar commended the Secretary’s efforts in resolving migration issues, a decades-long challenge that is now in an advanced stage, promising increased tourist inflow from South America.

British Airways' Bold Move in Tulum Revealed

Recognition was given to Cancún, awarded as the Leading City Destination in Mexico and Central America 2023 and the Leading Beach Destination in Mexico 2023 at the World Travel Awards 2023. The unity between the tourism sector of Quintana Roo and the federal Sectur, initiated under the leadership of Governor Mara Lezama, was underscored.

Closing 2022 with 565,696 air arrivals from the UK, contributing $625.476 million in tourism spending, Torruco Marqués highlighted the UK’s position as the fourth-largest international tourist market, following the United States, Canada, and Colombia.

Meetings with industry leaders, such as Angie Hills, Director of Destinations at the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), provided a platform to discuss collaborative promotional opportunities. Torruco Marqués showcased key tourism projects like the Tren Maya, connecting Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán, and Quintana Roo, aiming to attract a diverse range of travelers.

Engagements with Danny Callaghan and Martin Johnson, CEO and President of the Latin American Travel Association, revolved around current tourism trends. The objective is to attract international tourists with experiences tailored to the evolving preferences of modern travelers.

British Airways' Bold Move in Tulum Revealed

Highlighting the importance of Mexico’s participation in WTM 2033 in London, Torruco Marqués emphasized the goal of attracting tourists from various international markets to Mexico’s 270 tourist destinations. This aligns with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s directive to make tourism a tool for social reconciliation.

The Mexican delegation at WTM 2023 in London included key figures like Subsecretary of Tourism Humberto Hernández Haddad, Yucatán’s Secretary of Tourism Michelle Fridman Hirsch, Víctor Manuel Enríquez from the National Council of Exporters of Tourism Services (Conexstur), Rodrigo Esponda from the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, and others, showcasing the collective commitment to advancing Mexico’s tourism agenda on the global stage.


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