April 6, 2024
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A New Door to Tulum’s Ancient Secrets

TULUM, Mexico – With international travelers keenly anticipating the launch of flights from the new Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport, Tulum is becoming increasingly popular, not just as a sunny getaway but as a trendy wellness destination distinct from the likes of Cancun. This burgeoning interest is driven in part by Tulum’s rich archaeological heritage, offering insights into an ancient civilization that has long fascinated scholars and tourists alike.

The Tulum Ruins, perched majestically atop a cliff with breathtaking ocean views, embody the city’s historical significance. These ruins, dating back over 1,500 years, stand as a testament to a sophisticated society that once thrived here. Recognizing the importance of this site, authorities have introduced a new entrance, designed to reduce wait times and enhance the visitor experience, addressing issues of overcrowding and long waits in the sun reported last December.

A New Door to Tulum's Ancient Secrets

This initiative, spearheaded by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), features a more environmentally friendly access point located within Jaguar Park. This new entrance not only promises a more respectable arrival for visitors but also aims to manage the flow of tourists more efficiently, ensuring that Tulum’s historical and cultural heritage is preserved while accommodating growing interest.

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The city of Tulum, a vital trading hub for the ancient Mayans, was known for its commerce in precious commodities like jade and turquoise. It also served as a religious center, protected by massive walls safeguarding the sacred leaders and priests. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the ruins attract visitors eager to explore the site’s history and enjoy the stunning beach below.

A New Door to Tulum's Ancient Secrets

To fully appreciate the ruins, visitors can choose to explore independently or with a guide, the latter offering deeper insights into the site’s extensive history. With an entrance fee of 95 pesos (USD 7) and guided tours available for 600 pesos (USD 35), the ruins are accessible and offer a valuable experience for those looking to delve into the past.

A New Door to Tulum's Ancient Secrets

With the introduction of the new entrance, visiting the Tulum Ruins has never been more appealing. This enhancement not only promises shorter wait times but also represents a commitment to preserving the site’s integrity for future generations. As Tulum continues to evolve as a destination, its historical treasures remain a cornerstone of its appeal, inviting travelers to explore the rich tapestry of the Mayan civilization.


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