11 Tulum Safety Tips

July 25, 2024
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11 Tulum Safety Tips

11 Tulum Safety Tips

11 Tulum Safety Tips

In general, it is safe to travel to Tulum. But the answer to the question “is Tulum safe?,” does at least in part depend upon what you are planning to do in Tulum. Most tourists have a very safe experience enjoying Tulum beach without issue on their trip, but here are some tips to know that may help you maximize your chances for a safe and enjoyable beach vacation:

1 – Don’t Walk Around Tulum at Night (Especially Alone)

As it stands, walking around Tulum at night — especially by yourself — is a big no-no.

Try to do any sightseeing during the day, and arrange trusted transportation if you go out at night. Although Uber is not available in Tulum, taxis are abundant and fairly easy to come by. On that note, I recommend finding a solid taxi driver and using them as much as possible. You can always check with your accommodations to see if they have recommendations for reputable drivers.

Alternatively, consider renting a car in Tulum. You can use the user-friendly Discover Cars search engine to find the cheapest rates. Usually it’ll be cheaper to rent a car in Cancun and bring it with you to Tulum.

11 Tulum Safety Tips

2 – Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

A small painted car is inside a restaurant with the sign “Mojito Bar” in Tulum, Mexico
There are a ton of cute restaurants and bars in Tulum Town that are safe and serve great fare!
As I mentioned above, drink spiking is not unheard of in Tulum — especially at clubs and other party locations. Always be aware of your drink and get your alcohol from a reputable source.

3 – Don’t Flash Valuable Items

In Tulum, keep your valuables on the down-low, and don’t be too flashy in public. A few specific Tulum safety tips on this point are:

Only use ATMs in banks or your hotel where you won’t be watched Carry no more than a days worth of cash on you at any given time. Stow your valuables (electronics, jewelry, passport, etc) in a Pacsafe portable safe in your hotel room.

11 Tulum Safety Tips

4 – Stay Away From Prohibited Substances

I mentioned it in detail above, but it’s worth noting again — doing illegal drugs in Tulum will put you in direct line with both the cartels and police. If you read the Tulum news, many of the tragic stories that get media attention involve drugs in some way.

Never carry drugs on your person and don’t be noticeably intoxicated in public. Though the situation may be different for you at home, drugs in Mexico are no joke and could end in very dangerous situations.

5 – Keep an Eye on the Weather

Let’s be real, a huge reason you’ll be traveling to the Mayan Riviera is to have a relaxing Tulum beach vacation. But while Quintana Roo is a warm oasis from roughly November through April, it can get oppressively hot between May and October. Trust me, I went to Quintana Roo in August and was a puddle from the heat almost every day.

11 Tulum Safety Tips

Not to mention, Tulum experiences hurricane season during the summer and fall — where daily rains are the norm and hurricanes are possible.

6 – Don’t Carry Large Amounts of Cash

In Mexico, I recommend carrying no more than a day’s worth of cash at any given time. Robberies and extortions have been growing more and more common in Tulum, and if you happen to be in this situation it’s best to just hand over your wallet.

Again, it’s not guaranteed that you’re going to be robbed or extorted, but it’s best to be on the safe side. If you’re concerned about robberies in Tulum then it may be worth carrying a dummy wallet. Fill this wallet with expired credit cards and just a little bit of cash, and if anything happens, just hand it over with no hesitation.

There are a few options for areas to stay in Tulum, but to be on the safe side, book a hotel in a popular area. Right in Tulum Town and along the most popular parts of the beach hotel zone are the best areas to look for accommodation first. Aside from pickpocketing, you’ll be less likely to be robbed when other people are present and the area is well-lit. Plus, it’s harder to be alone when staying in a hot zone.

11 Tulum Safety Tips

8 – Only Get Cash at Banks

Again, ATM tampering has been known to happen in Quintana Roo, and withdrawing cash from the ATMs at banks is the way to go.

If you suspect that an ATM has been tampered with, just give the card slot a jiggle. If it moves easily, you definitely don’t trust it, but if it’s secure, you may be good to go.

9 – Learn Some Spanish

Mexican souveniers in an open air shop in Tulum Mexico
One of the many street vendors in Tulum
Learning a bit of the local language is a great tip no matter where you’re headed. In Quintana Roo, I recommend learning enough Spanish to order at restaurants, take taxis, and haggle with shop owners.

Not only is learning the local language a sign of respect, but it will also go a long way in showing others that you’re a confident traveler and not easily taken advantage of.

10 – Book Secure Accommodation

When possible, book hotels that have security personnel on staff and great safety reviews online. Treat other travelers’ reviews like gold, and note if there are any recurring themes regarding the establishment.

Check out our list of the best hotels in Tulum for some recommended accommodation options. There are some pretty incredible hotels on that list!

11 Tulum Safety Tips

It also helps to have secure transportation to and from your hotel, especially if traveling with a family. Cancun Airport Transportation is a great locally-owned service with private vans that can take you to and from Cancun Airport.

11 – Check the Latest Tulum News

Between Covid-19 and the drug wars, the Tulum safety and Tulum crime situations are constantly evolving. It’s best to check the latest statistics and stories to really have a sense of how safe Tulum is right now.

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