April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Woman Crafts Life and Engineering Triumphs

TULUM, Quintana Roo – In commemoration of International Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd, Nora González Bejar, a renowned engineer and member of the Tulum College of Engineers and Architects (CIAT), emphasized the profound impact of women in both creating life and engineering marvels that serve our daily existence.

Speaking about the advantages of being a female engineer, González Bejar stated, “We possess heightened sensitivity, especially in a municipality like Tulum, where we are surrounded by vibrant life and feminine energy. It is truly exhilarating to be an engineer. If given the chance, I would choose civil engineering again as my professional pursuit, even if I were to live and relive it for 42 years.”

Reflecting upon her career, González Bejar expressed immense gratitude for the enriching experiences she has encountered. Having contributed to projects of immense scale and magnitude, she considers herself fortunate to have been a part of such monumental endeavors.

Tulum's Woman Crafts Life and Engineering Triumphs

“Twenty years ago, I moved to Tulum, and my first action was to knock on the doors of the college to become part of a community of professionals. Since its establishment in 2008, I have received unwavering support from the college. To fulfill my duties as a certified expert, I have undergone extensive training in legislation, regulations, and all necessary legal aspects required for effective project management. As responsible experts in the field, it is our duty to ensure the proper authorization and execution of projects,” she exclaimed.

Recalling her decision to join CIAT, she noted the presence of women from the very beginning, an enriching sight that showcased the contributions of female engineers and architects for the betterment of this destination.

González Bejar advised aspiring women in engineering or any other profession to continuously enhance their skills, perform their duties with passion, and acquire extensive knowledge. She also highlighted the significance of the work of female engineers in a field traditionally dominated by men. Additionally, she acknowledged the evolving landscape for women in Quintana Roo, where acceptance and integration within the profession are still relatively new. She attributed her passion for engineering to her father, who was also a civil engineer.

Tulum's Woman Crafts Life and Engineering Triumphs

“Civil engineering is akin to giving birth; it is creating and breathing life into something. It’s a beautiful analogy, symbolizing that as women, we bring forth life, and civil engineering allows us to give life to buildings that serve their purpose. We construct infrastructures, architecture, and bridges that connect and enhance daily life,” she concluded.

Engineer González Bejar holds postgraduate degrees in business administration, structural engineering, and real estate with a specialization in deep foundations. She is also a certified Expert in Construction Works.


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