April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Security Arch Project Revealed

TULUM, Mexico – The local authorities in the municipality of Tulum have confirmed ambitious plans to enhance security in response to the burgeoning urban and tourist growth anticipated in this vibrant destination. This surge in development can be attributed to several significant factors, including the construction of the Tulum International Airport, the establishment of the El Jaguar National Park, and the impending opening of the Tulum station on the Maya Train.

As outlined by officials from all three levels of government, these projects are expected to generate job opportunities, foster infrastructure development, and attract tourists, thereby propelling economic prosperity in the area. However, local authorities are also mindful that this economic upswing will bring challenges in terms of security.

A similar pattern was observed in other tourist cities like Playa del Carmen and Cancun, where growth was accompanied by a rise in insecurity.

“To ensure the safety and tranquility of the residents and visitors of Tulum, the Municipal Government is committed to investing in the installation of security arches at the three entry points leading to the heart of our capital. Security is our utmost priority, and these security arches will be placed at the entrances,” emphasized Tulum’s Mayor, Diego Castañón.

Tulum's Security Arch Project Revealed

According to the local municipality, the Fund for Contributions to the Strengthening of Municipalities and Territorial Demarcations of Mexico City (Fortamun-DF) has approved an additional budget allocation of 4,874,930.85 Mexican pesos for the construction of public safety control arches in Tulum, bringing the total funds allocated for this purpose to 13,143,449.85 Mexican pesos.

In addition to the increase in the number of National Guard personnel recently announced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, consisting of 3,200 new agents assigned to safeguard the Maya Train, airports, stations, hotels, tracks, museums, and workshops, the municipal government will request additional personnel to safeguard key areas such as the coastal zone, archaeological sites, El Jaguar National Park, and the urban areas of this destination.

“While we have collaborated closely with municipal and state law enforcement agencies, and appreciate the support from the National Guard, an increase in the number of security personnel will undoubtedly result in a greater presence on our streets, more frequent patrols, and quicker responses to emergency situations as we anticipate the growth in the coming months,” stated the official at the conclusion of an event.

According to the crime index for Quintana Roo, Tulum has experienced 66 intentional homicides thus far this year, compared to 45 homicides throughout the entirety of 2022, representing a 47 percent increase. Among these incidents was the tragic murder of businessman David González Cuéllar at a Starbucks in April during a robbery.

As Tulum braces itself for a period of rapid expansion, the commitment to security improvements, including the installation of security arches and increased law enforcement presence, remains at the forefront of the municipal agenda. Authorities are determined to ensure that Tulum continues to flourish as a safe and inviting destination for both residents and visitors alike.


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