April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Rabies-Free Legacy Continues in 2023 with Mass Pet Vaccination

TULUM, Mexico – Protecting the furry residents of Tulum takes center stage this week as the 2023 National Canine and Feline Rabies Vaccination Campaign kicks off from September 24th to 30th. Approximately 3,000 doses will be administered throughout Tulum, according to Dr. Sonia Vargas Torres, the director of municipal health.

The primary goal of this campaign is to prevent the transmission of the rabies virus to humans in the event of a pet bite. Dr. Vargas Torres emphasized that Quintana Roo state has been rabies-free for several years, thanks to the successful annual execution of this vaccination initiative.

Tulum's Rabies-Free Legacy Continues in 2023 with Mass Pet Vaccination

To make the vaccine accessible to all pet owners, vaccination points will be set up, and a fixed module will operate from Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. The main module can be found at the Uneme-Capa facility, adjacent to the Community Hospital.

The vaccination schedule commences on September 24th, with locations including the Kiosk on Chacha-Lal Street between Av. Gonzalo Guerrero and Punta Xel-há in Akumal, the Xel-ha Family Park on Perdiz Street and Jose Run May in Chemuyil, the CROC park on South Satellite Avenue between Neptuno and Gama Oriente, the Dos Aguas park next to the municipal palace, and Nacar Avenue with Rubí Street 03 in the Aldea Tulum neighborhood.

Tulum's Rabies-Free Legacy Continues in 2023 with Mass Pet Vaccination

Citizens are encouraged to view the complete schedule on the official websites of the Vector Department and the Civil Protection Directorate.

This proactive campaign not only safeguards the health of beloved pets but also ensures the safety of the community by keeping rabies at bay.


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