April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s La Querida and La Malquerida Restaurants Reopen

TULUM, Quintana Roo – The popular restaurants La Querida and La Malquerida have been at the center of a prolonged legal battle following a shootout that occurred outside their premises on October 20, 2021. Today, after almost two years, the local establishments have been liberated by the joint efforts of the Municipal Police and the National Guard.

The removal of the seals, which had been placed by the State Attorney General’s Office, took place shortly after the resignation of the office’s former head, Óscar Montes de Oca. This pivotal development opened a new chapter for the restaurant owners and sparked hope for the resolution of their arduous journey.

Tulum's La Querida and La Malquerida Restaurants Reopen

Speaking after the process, lawyer Juan Miguel Durán explained that the properties have been returned to the rightful possessor, Leixys Pérez Casas, and the lessee, Yamiriam Mariana Ochoa. While the recognition of their rightful possession is currently being contested through amparos, it remains pending for both parties to be officially acknowledged as victims and for the extent of the damage caused by the unjust seizure by the State Attorney General’s Office to be assessed.

Durán pointed out that the administrative authority’s potentially irregular activities, including those of the State Attorney General’s Office, did not expedite the investigation process. He emphasized the need for swift action to address the consequences of their actions, which led to nearly two years of closure, financial losses, and unemployment for the affected restaurant staff.

Tulum's La Querida and La Malquerida Restaurants Reopen

It is important to note that La Querida and La Malquerida are not the only establishments facing such circumstances in Tulum. The nearby Kubik, located just a short distance away, continues to bear the weight of the seals placed upon it. Additionally, since November 2021, the hotel “El Pez” has also been subjected to seizure measures, leaving its owners in a state of limbo.

Former Attorney General Montes de Oca was questioned regarding the latter case, as the hotel remains unable to operate after several months. He stated that the possessors could not provide adequate proof of ownership, further fueling the ongoing legal battles.

Tulum's La Querida and La Malquerida Restaurants Reopen

As the legal saga unfolds, the fate of the restaurants now rests with the district court in Cancún. The presiding panel of judges will ultimately determine the victims’ status and decide upon the appropriate reparations for the damages suffered.

This protracted struggle has not only highlighted the need for greater transparency and accountability within the administrative bodies but has also left a lasting impact on the local business community. As Tulum continues to flourish as a tourist destination, it is imperative for the authorities to ensure a fair and expeditious resolution, providing justice for the affected parties and restoring faith in the rule of law.

Who Was Anjali Ryot? Influencer Murdered in Tulum Shootout

Tulum's La Querida and La Malquerida Restaurants Reopen

One of the victims was Anjali Ryot, a 25-year-old influencer hailing from India. Alongside another foreigner, she lost her life during the shootout. With nearly 41,000 followers on her Instagram account, @thestylelagoon, Anjali specialized in travel content, captivating her audience with her adventures.

Users speculate that Anjali Ryot likely traveled from her residence in Canada to the idyllic destination of Quintana Roo to celebrate her birthday, which fell on Friday, October 22nd. For several years, she dedicated her life to documenting her journeys across the globe. While her travels predominantly took her to various locations in the United States, she also explored destinations such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Turkey, the Philippines, Japan, Italy, and, of course, India.

However, Anjali Ryot was not only a travel influencer; she also worked as a senior systems engineer, boasting a prominent role on LinkedIn. Her impressive resume also includes experience at Yahoo, where she played a crucial part in the migration strategy for infrastructure.

Tulum's La Querida and La Malquerida Restaurants Reopen

Anjali’s untimely demise has left her followers and acquaintances shocked and saddened. Her captivating travel stories and vibrant personality resonated deeply with her audience. Those who knew her personally describe her as an ambitious, talented, and compassionate individual, excelling both in her career and her passion for exploration.

The investigation into the Tulum shootout continues, and authorities are working tirelessly to bring the perpetrators to justice. The local community, as well as Anjali’s followers from around the world, mourn the loss of an extraordinary influencer and human being.


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