April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Inclusive Census Aims to Eradicate Child Labor

TULUM, Mexico – A comprehensive census is set to be conducted throughout the entirety of Tulum, aimed at identifying cases of child labor and other social issues that may afflict minors. This significant undertaking was disclosed by Jessica Ramirez de la Rosa, the Director General of the Family Integral Development System (DIF) in the ninth municipality.

Ramirez de la Rosa revealed that this initiative has been collaboratively developed with the DIF’s Office of the Prosecutor, the Ministry of Labor, Public Security, and the Federal Maritime and Terrestrial Zone Management (Zofemat). The primary focus has been on pinpointing major hubs and red flags of child labor. However, this effort is now poised for expansion through the introduction of this comprehensive census.

“Our efforts extend to working in partnership with schools as well, where preventative classes are being conducted. We’ve already begun in Chemuyil, but our ambition is to extend this program across the central region of Tulum. This will enable us to work collectively and attain accurate figures regarding the number of children entangled in these issues,” she explained.

Tulum's Inclusive Census Aims to Eradicate Child Labor

She highlighted that these endeavors often uncover a myriad of situations beyond child labor, delving into familial contexts. Furthermore, the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic has been closely monitored, facilitating a better understanding of how to address these matters and implement suitable programs.

In the same vein, it was noted that citizen reports have led to the resolution of up to seven cases per bi-monthly period of minors engaging in street labor. The DIF has swiftly intervened and communicated with responsible parties to curb such practices.

It was detailed that the concern of child labor has been observed primarily on main avenues, where children engage in activities such as windshield cleaning or juggling at traffic lights, as well as selling handicrafts within the central zone.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that a dual approach, combining in-person interaction and digital platforms, has been adopted to conduct preventative discussions, enhance awareness, and promote various sports-related activities for both children and parents.


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