April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s 5 & 13K Race Celebrates Fitness Triumph

TULUM, Mexico – In a resounding success, the Tulum 5 and 13 Kilometer Race took place this past Sunday, graced by the presence of the Municipal President, Diego Castañón Trejo. This remarkable event, meticulously orchestrated by the Youth and Sports Department, witnessed the spirited engagement of 230 athletes on a sun-soaked and emotionally charged morning.

As the clock struck 6:00 AM, the starting shot echoed, setting the stage for both the 5-kilometer and the 13-kilometer races. It was a morning of exuberance, determination, and camaraderie, culminating in the crowning of victors across assorted categories.

Tulum's 5 & 13K Race Celebrates Fitness Triumph

Before the medal distribution ceremony commenced, Rodrigo López Hernández, Director of Youth and Sports, standing in for Mayor Diego Castañón, proudly emphasized Tulum’s sporting prowess. He announced the forthcoming inaugural Tulum International Marathon scheduled for November, carrying an impressive prize purse.

Tulum's 5 & 13K Race Celebrates Fitness Triumph

“Mayor Diego Castañón is an authentic champion of sports, and today’s event exemplifies this,” remarked López Hernández.

Jesús Ricardo Gómez Flores, Coordinator of Youth and Sports, extended gratitude to the 230 enthusiastic participants who enrolled across the 5-kilometer and 13-kilometer divisions, resulting in a seamless and jubilant sports fiesta.

The winners’ list for various categories reads as follows:

In the Veteran Men’s Category:

Antonio Reyes Tolentino
Maria Balam
José Martín Carrillo

In the Veteran Women’s Category:

Carmen Mendez Cervantes
Ana María Cruz

In the 5 Kilometer Men’s Category:

Matilde Hernández
Daniel Maldonado
Andrés Laaiza

In the 5 Kilometer Women’s Category:

Micaela Baez
Mayra Arguelles
Artemia Mex

In the Open Men’s Category:

Alexandro Ivan Ambriz
Arsene Grandjean
Victor Eduardo Diaz

In the Open Women’s Category:

Liliana Dzul Díaz
Lorena Quiroga
Jessica López Rodriguez

In the Master Men’s Category:

Alejandro Hernández
José Escobedo
Juan José Montes

In the Master Women’s Category:

Janet Vallejo Sosa
Leticia Castellano
Lizbeth Jesús

In the Submaster Men’s Category:

Roberto Atocha Ruiz / Overall
Miguel Angel Escamilla
Carlos Eduardo

In the Submaster Women’s Category:

Rosa Cruz Urbina / Overall
Sofía Salomé Isaac Borges
Dareen Moratinas

Tulum's 5 & 13K Race Celebrates Fitness Triumph

This dynamic event has not only showcased Tulum’s athletic zeal but also served as a testament to the profound commitment of Mayor Diego Castañón to bolstering the local sports landscape. The success of this race ignites anticipation for the upcoming Tulum International Marathon, promising to be a world-class spectacle that will further elevate the town’s reputation.


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