April 6, 2024
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Tulum Unites to Eradicate Violence Against Women

TULUM, Mexico – The Municipal President of Tulum, Diego Castañón Trejo, took the lead in the Installation Session of the Municipal System for Preventing, Addressing, Sanctioning, and Eradicating Violence against Women. This initiative is organized by the Gender Equality Department with the primary goal of establishing connections with all levels of government to collaborate in the eradication of violence against women.

In welcoming the participants and guests, Mayor Diego Castañón emphasized that his administration is taking a crucial step toward creating a safer and more just community for all women. The focus is on upholding the values of respect, and equality, and providing unwavering attention to eradicate gender-based violence 24/7.

“Today, I am pleased to introduce a fundamental initiative for our community – the Municipal System for Preventing, Addressing, Sanctioning, and Eradicating Violence against Women. This system represents a firm commitment to combating gender-based violence and is built upon essential pillars. First, we aim to establish a strong legal and political framework that emphasizes prevention and eradication. Next, we are working towards the creation of a comprehensive support center where women can access the necessary assistance. Furthermore, we are committed to training and raising awareness so that everyone is prepared to identify and respond to gender-based violence,” stated Mayor Castañón.

Tulum Unites to Eradicate Violence Against Women

Maria Hadad Castillo, the Director-General of the Quintana Roo Women’s Institute, celebrated Tulum’s and its Municipal President’s involvement in this system. It brings together immediate actions to eradicate violence against women through interinstitutional collaboration.

Consecutively, members of the Municipal System were sworn in, and during the session, opinions, ideas, and work plans were exchanged. The strategy to prevent violence against women was also presented.

Accompanying Mayor Diego Castañón were Anahi Bates Dzib, the Director of Gender Equality; Perla Yuritzi Vargas Cervantes, the National Commissioner of the National Commission for the Prevention and Eradication of Violence against Women and the Coordinator of Monitoring Strategy; and Evelyn Trasviña López, the Director of the National Bank of Data and Information on Cases of Violence against Women (BANAVIM). This collaborative effort reflects a significant step forward in addressing and eradicating violence against women in Tulum.


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