April 6, 2024
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Tulum Residents Granted Unrestricted National Park Access

TULUM, México – In conjunction with the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp), has announced a revolutionary shift in the entry policy to the Tulum National Park. Effective immediately, residents of the ninth municipality will relish the privilege of unrestricted access to the park, enjoying a week-long exemption from entrance fees. This extraordinary measure aims to foster a stronger sense of environmental stewardship and community engagement among the locals.

Under this new policy, proving residency within Tulum is a breeze. A valid, up-to-date identification card from the National Electoral Institute (INE), attesting to one’s status as a Tulum resident, will grant unrestricted entry. Moreover, authorities have clarified that access from the northern entrance will be free of charge, and visitors simply need to present their identification to avail this opportunity.

Meanwhile, the southern entrance offers an eco-friendly alternative for entry, allowing individuals to traverse the park on bicycles or by foot, thereby promoting sustainable practices and reducing carbon footprints.

Notably, the perks extend beyond the Tulum residents. The National Park will now be a more inclusive destination, as minors under the age of 12, senior citizens holding their cards from the National Institute for Older Adults (Inapam), persons with disabilities, pensioners, and retirees will also be exempt from entrance fees. This laudable step ensures that the nation’s historical and natural wonders are accessible to everyone, irrespective of economic background.

For the rest of our fellow Mexican citizens, there remains a silver lining to brighten their Sundays. The National Park entrance fee for all archeological sites will be waived on Sundays, making it a perfect opportunity for family outings and cultural explorations.

The Tulum National Park, with its mesmerizing blend of history and biodiversity, stands as a testament to Mexico’s rich heritage and ecological treasures. With the new access policy, the municipality seeks to strike a harmonious balance between preserving its natural splendor and providing ample opportunities for locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in its magnificence.


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