April 6, 2024
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Tulum Residents Demand Safer Streets with Adequate Sidewalks

TULUM, Mexico – The act of walking along Tulum’s various streets and avenues has become a constant risk, owing to the absence of sidewalks, as reported by concerned residents.

Tulum, renowned for its pristine beaches, is a prominent tourist destination in Quintana Roo, drawing thousands of tourists year-round. However, beyond the tourist hotspots lies another facet of Tulum, home to nearly 47,000 residents, according to INEGI statistics. These residents have raised concerns about the lack of essential municipal services and public infrastructure, particularly the absence of sidewalks.

Inadequate Road Conditions in Tulum

Tulum Residents Demand Safer Streets with Adequate Sidewalks

The Second Avenue in the Tumben Ka neighborhood of Tulum has presented a genuine challenge for pedestrians, as evidenced by the absence of sidewalks. The designated sidewalk areas are overgrown with vegetation, forcing people to walk along the asphalt road, putting them at risk of accidents.

“It’s very dangerous because families with children pass through here, and the cars speed by. It’s really perilous,” expressed Wilberth López, a Tulum resident.

Citizens assert that this situation worsens, especially during the night, as there is a lack of public lighting.

“I work here, and when I go out with my daughter, it’s really dark. It’s difficult for taxis to pass, and we really need sidewalks, or at least better lighting because this part of Tumben Ka Avenue is extremely dark,” remarked Yasuri Chablé, another resident of Tulum.

The Public Works Department Remains Unresponsive

The Municipal Public Works Department is responsible for executing the sidewalk and curb construction project. However, Tulum residents have reported that their demands have gone unanswered thus far.

Meanwhile, pedestrians continue to navigate the streets, maneuvering around cars to avoid accidents.


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