April 6, 2024
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Tulum Municipality’s Successful Participation in National Civil Protection Drill

TULUM, Mexico – Tulum Municipality actively participated in the 2023 National Drill in observance of National Civil Protection Day. The focus of the exercise was twofold: assessing the impact of hydro-meteorological events and emphasizing the urgent need to evacuate Tulum residents.

In a press release, Fire Chief Benjamin Heredia provided insight into the proceedings. The first stage of the simulation, a tabletop exercise, unfolded during an Extraordinary City Council Session. Notably, this session was attended by the Mayor of Tulum, Diego Castañón Trejo, along with city council members and experts from the Specialized Committee on Hydro-Meteorological Phenomena.

The second phase, a field simulation, revolved around the scenario of a Category 3 hurricane bearing down on the shores of Chetumal, necessitating the immediate evacuation of eight individuals from vulnerable housing.

The drill commenced at the Fire Department’s facilities, with the active participation of several key agencies, including the Mexican Army (SEDENA), the National Guard, Civil Protection, the Navy, Public Safety, and the Fire Department. In a collaborative effort, they successfully evacuated and transported the affected individuals to a hurricane shelter. Here, they received care and attention from staff at the IMSS-Bienestar (Mexican Social Security Institute) and the Tulum Campus of the Technological University, as well as the local health department.

The outcome of the simulation was unequivocally positive, underscoring the importance of community preparedness in the face of hydro-meteorological events. Authorities extended an invitation to the public to actively engage in such preventive actions to ensure readiness for future challenges of this nature.


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