April 6, 2024
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Tulum Launches Dengue Prevention Operation Amid Rising Cases

TULUM, Mexico – In the wake of the launch of the Comprehensive Dengue Nebulization Operation in Tulum, authorities have called on the population to participate in this and other preventive measures to prevent the spread of infections. The attention to patients with suspected cases of this disease in the municipality has increased.

Dr. Sonia Vargas Torres, the director of municipal health, reported that although the rates are not alarming compared to other municipalities in Quintana Roo, there has been an increase. Up to seven people are being treated daily with dengue symptoms. She also urged citizens to help eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by tasks such as overturning, covering, and washing containers that store water, avoiding self-medication, seeking medical consultation in case of suspected virus, and reinforcing the corresponding fumigation actions.

Tulum Launches Dengue Prevention Operation Amid Rising Cases

She recommended that when the nebulization vehicle passes, residents should open doors and windows to allow the substances to reach the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes hiding in their homes. It is crucial for the public to understand the mosquito’s life cycle, as it can produce up to 600 eggs in breeding grounds within 30 days.

Furthermore, she emphasized the need for private clinics and laboratories to report patients who have tested positive for dengue to have knowledge and carry out sanitary measures.

During the launch of the nebulization operation at the CROC park, it was announced that four vehicles with their nebulization equipment would be allocated to this task, both from the Municipality and the state Vector Department.

Tulum Launches Dengue Prevention Operation Amid Rising Cases

Vargas Torres explained that in coordination with the Vector Department and the State Health Secretariat, fumigations would be carried out for three weeks in various sectors and areas, especially focusing on points identified as red zones by workers using ovitraps.

She noted that this program started on September 4th, and on Tuesday, they focused on downtown areas 1 and 2, Xul Há, Ya’ax Tulum, and Las Palmas. On Wednesday, they will fumigate Cristal, Triunfadores, Villas Tulum, Mayapax, and Guerra de Castas.

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Citizens are encouraged to visit the Municipal Health Department and Tulum Municipal Government’s websites (@AyuntamientoDeTulum), where they will share schedules for these campaigns.


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