April 6, 2024
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Tulum Grapples with Eight Confirmed Dengue Cases

TULUM, Quintana Roo – In a disconcerting turn of events, eight confirmed cases of dengue fever have been recorded in Tulum so far this year, according to Sonia Vargas Torres, the Director of Municipal Health. While there may be additional unreported cases in private clinics, the population is being urged to reinforce their sanitary practices to prevent further contagion.

Addressing the situation, Dr. Vargas Torres emphasized that Tulum has been fortunate enough to avoid a massive outbreak like some other cities in Quintana Roo and across the country. However, there could be unreported cases that have not been communicated to the municipal and state authorities.

A pressing appeal has been made to health units and private laboratories to promptly notify the competent authorities of any dengue contagion detections. This will enable the implementation of necessary measures such as sanitary cordons, larval control, and fumigation.

“According to the statistics from the Ministry of Health, the state vector control department has reported eight confirmed cases. However, I have repeatedly mentioned that there are often isolated cases that are not referred to the Ministry of Health. Hence, it is crucial for private laboratories and health units to inform the Health Department and Vector Control so that we can take the necessary fumigation actions,” Dr. Vargas Torres stated.

Tulum Grapples with Eight Confirmed Dengue Cases

Furthermore, the public is being requested to actively participate in prevention efforts, including participating in fumigation campaigns and keeping their homes free of potential mosquito breeding sites. Dr. Vargas Torres also highlighted the significance of staying informed about the upcoming schedule for the debris removal program.

It is important to remember that recent rainfall has created favorable conditions for mosquito breeding, amplifying the risk of diseases such as dengue.

“With the recent rainfall, we need the citizens’ support in maintaining clean yards, free of debris, and especially devoid of any accumulations of water such as tires, containers, bottles, and cans. Together, we can create and sustain healthy environments that are free from dengue,” Dr. Vargas Torres emphasized.

The Municipal Health Department is working diligently to contain the outbreak and minimize its impact on the community. However, public cooperation and adherence to preventive measures remain crucial to combat the spread of dengue in Tulum.


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