April 6, 2024
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Tourists are intimidated in Tulum archaeological zone

Through his TikTok account, user Alain Guzmán, managed to capture the moment in which a group of photo vendors characterized by the Maya culture in Tulum, almost assaulted his group of friends, for recording without paying them.

The altercation happened in the cove of craft stalls located a few meters from the access to the archaeological zone of this municipality, where this group of street vendors, offer photographs to tourists, before entering the park.

In the video you can see how one of the characterized women approaches the group of young people offering them a photograph carrying a snake, for a cost of 300 pesos. Upon hearing the price, Alain replies: “Why so much?”, a comment that triggered the annoyance of the other sellers.

Little by little other sellers began to approach him and with a challenging attitude began to ask him for his cell phone, arguing that they would give him a photo or video with them.

“Hey friend, do you want a photo or video? I’ll give it to you… Lend me your phone, I’ll take it for you… I’ll charge you for the photo, because I charge per photo”, several vendors can be heard saying, while trying to take the phone away from the tourist.

@alainguzmanortiz Casi nos linchan en Tulum ? #notraesdineroviejo ♬ sonido original – Alain Guzman Ortiz

As they continued on their way and tried to move away from the point where they were offering their photographs, one of the vendors could be heard shouting in the distance: “You are on a beach and you don’t bring old money”.

Although the conflict between tourists and vendors did not escalate, the user shared within the comments of the video that even though he stopped recording, they continued with the threats until they managed to enter the archaeological zone.

“They almost lynched us in Tulum… I felt like I was in apocalypto, after a while my head rolled down the pyramid… but they are scary as hell”, he shared.


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