TikToker stands up to Tulum's

July 12, 2024
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TikToker stands up to Tulum's

TikToker stands up to Tulum’s “Mayan Dancers” demanding 15 USD for a photo

TikToker stands up to Tulum's "Mayan Dancers" demanding 15 USD for a photo

Easter Week is approaching and Quintana Roo is emerging as a top destination for both domestic and foreign travelers. However, it’s no secret that tourism prices in this region of Mexico can be exaggerated.

In countless TikTok videos, users who have traveled to Cancun and Tulum have exposed the high costs of some attractions and services offered by these cities.

One recent example comes from Alain Guzmán Ortiz (@alainguzmanortiz) who shared his experience on his account. He reported that a group of dancers in Tulum tried to charge him 300 pesos (around 15 USD) for a photo… with his own cell phone.

The video quickly gained traction, with over 4 million views and many users expressing their reluctance to visit the region due to the high prices they may encounter.

TikToker stands up to Tulum's

In the video, Alain is seen walking past some Tulum letters before entering the archaeological zone of Quintana Roo. As he walks, a group of Mayan dancers invites him to take a photo with them.

When Alain asks about the price of the photo, a woman dressed as a Mayan replies with 300 pesos, prompting him to question the steep price. As he continues to walk, more dancers approach him and one of them offers to take his photo. Alain continues to record the interaction as a woman approaches him from behind, asking for money and claiming that they also charge for videos.

Eventually, Alain walks away, with the description of the clip stating that “they almost lynched us.”

This incident highlights a growing concern among travelers about the high costs of tourism in Quintana Roo. While Mexico is ranked as the third most visited country and thirteenth in foreign exchange earnings according to the World Tourism Barometer of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the prices charged by some attractions and services may deter some travelers from visiting.

@alainguzmanortiz Casi nos linchan en Tulum ? #notraesdineroviejo ♬ sonido original – Alain Guzman Ortiz

If you’re planning a trip to Quintana Roo, it’s important to be aware of these high prices and to plan accordingly. Here are some tips for saving money while still enjoying all that the region has to offer:

  • Avoid tourist traps: Many attractions and services in popular tourist areas are overpriced. Do your research beforehand and seek out less well-known options.
  • Use public transportation: Taxis and rental cars can be expensive. Instead, opt for public transportation such as buses or colectivos.
  • Eat like a local: Food prices in tourist areas can be inflated. Look for street food and local markets for more affordable options.
  • Stay in hostels or Airbnb: Accommodation can also be costly in tourist areas. Consider staying in hostels or Airbnb rentals to save money.
  • Negotiate prices: Don’t be afraid to haggle with vendors or service providers. Many prices are negotiable, especially in markets or for tours.

With these tips in mind, you can enjoy all that Quintana Roo has to offer without breaking the bank. While some attractions and services may be overpriced, there are still plenty of affordable options available. Don’t let high prices deter you from experiencing the beauty and culture of this stunning region of Mexico.

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